Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 340
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 340
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 340: Have You Ever Regretted Anything? (10)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Just as Ji Yi was pondering whether to politely tell He Jichen: “Give me the room key, I’ll enter my room alone,” He Jichen stopped. He opened the room himself with a swipe of the card.

Ji Yi instinctively replaced what she was going to say with a “Thank you.” However, before she could reach her hand out to take the room key from He Jichen, He Jichen suddenly said, “Chen Bai said that since it’s holiday season, this is the only room left.”

This is the only room left… Ji Yi was instantly left stunned.

Meaning I’ll be alone in a room with He Jichen tonight?

He Jichen pushed the door open and walked in as though he hadn’t seen her reaction.

He turned on the lights and casually placed his laptop on the desk. When he reached his hand out to loosen his necktie, his fingers suddenly trembled and he realized that Ji Yi was still standing at the door.

He knew that despite how uneasy she felt, she was really overthinking things because he’d never make the same mistake twice.

He knew she didn’t trust him and was afraid something would happen between them which was why she was hesitant to come in.

He Jichen was a little upset inside, but he gently pursed his bottom lip and pretended he hadn’t seen anything. As he continued to loosen his tie, he proceeded to add, “But fortunately, it’s a suite, so you can sleep in the bedroom. I have some work to take care of tonight, so I’ll manage in the living room.”

Hearing what He Jichen said, Ji Yi let out an “Oh!” She stood at the door for a few more seconds then finally stepped into the room.

The second the doors closed, He Jichen saw her frame tremble gently.

He looked away from her and walked over to the counter of his own accord. He boiled some water and made a cup of hot milk and cup of hot tea.

He handed her the milk. “It’s really late. Drink a cup of hot milk, take a shower, and have a good night’s sleep. You still have your shoot tomorrow.”

When she heard him say this, she glanced up at him then took the milk. She gave a nod and let out a soft “Mm.”

Even though she glanced at him for just a second, he caught a glimpse of her unease. It felt like something was lodged in his throat, stifling his breathing.

If this was before, he would’ve felt unfairly treated to see her resist him like that. He would’ve used anger to fight for his self-respect back and he would’ve used harsh words to mask his embarrassment, but now, all he did was lower his eyes. He chose to turn a blind eye and headed back to the desk.

As he opened his laptop, He Jichen glanced over at Ji Yi every now and then using his peripheral vision.

She sat poised on the sofa; he could tell her back was stiff.

Did what I just said not help her feel at ease?

He’d be lying if he said he wasn’t disappointed, but he also didn’t have the heart to see her like this. He Jichen turned on the laptop and stared at the screen for about ten seconds then picked up his phone and called Chen Bai.

The phone was quickly picked up. “Mr. He, are you satisfied with the arrangements I made tonight?” asked Chen Bai in a voice that sounded like he was fishing for praise.

“Contact all the high executives to start a video conference in five minutes time,” replied He Jichen flatly.

“No way? Mr. He, didn’t you say you’d give me the night off? What’s more, the night is short and time is precious…”

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