Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 341
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 341
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 341: Ji Yi, Will You Trust Me? (1)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

He Jichen’s brows twitched. Although he was quite some distance from Ji Yi and she hadn’t heard what Chen Bai said, he still cut off Chen Bai’s nonsense: “I’m already sitting in front of my laptop. Just waiting for you all.”

After he said that, he was afraid Chen Bai was going to continue rambling on, so he added: “Hurry.” Then he hung up the phone.

Soon after, several rings of “ding dong!” came from He Jichen’s laptop. There were many voices saying, “Mr. He.”

In front of the laptop, a cold-faced He Jichen acknowledged them all with “Mm.” Without saying a word, his fingers flew across the screen as though he was going over an agenda for the meeting.

After about three minutes, he said, “Tonight, we will…”

With that, he read a series of questions to be discussed during their meeting.

Even though she was quite some distance away, Ji Yi could still hear the gasps from He Jichen’s laptop. The meeting agenda was overly long and they were probably distressed over their loss of sleep tonight. He Jichen raised his brows and stared at the webcam, cutting off the sighs of dissatisfaction.

After He Jichen continued to list off a few questions to be discussed during the meeting, he stopped and glanced at the webcam as a signal to everyone to start the meeting.

Not only did this meeting agenda draw a lot of gasps from the high executives, but even Ji Yi thought the agenda was so intense that it was borderline inhumane.

No wonder he said he’s busy with work tonight. It’s good that he’s staying in the living room… So, he wasn’t lying to me… But the meeting agenda he just described wasn’t just “a little” bit of work…? Actually, there’s quite a lot… Maybe they’ll have to work until tomorrow morning…

At that thought, Ji Yi glanced at where He Jichen was sitting. He must’ve been worried about the video conference disturbing her, so he had headphones on.

He looked stern and serious during his meeting. Every now and then, he gently nodded at the laptop and moved his lips to quietly say a few words.

Because He Jichen was so busy with his own business, he looked like he had no time to bother Ji Yi. Thus Ji Yi’s tense heart relaxed considerably; even her posture started to become loosen up.

She wasn’t sleepy just yet, but Ji Yi was afraid she’d disturb He Jichen if she watched TV, so she settled into a comfortable position on the sofa and started to play games on her phone.

Before she started to browse Weibo, she opened WeChat out of habit.

She wasn’t sure what Yuguang Ge was busy with tonight. To her surprise, she hadn’t received a message from him yet.

Ji Yi didn’t think too much of it and tapped on the keyboard a few times. She took the initiative and sent “He Yuguang” a message: “Yuguang Ge, what are you doing?”

He Jichen, who was in the middle of his meeting, felt his pocket vibrate. His brows creased and he realized that He Yuguang received a message on his phone. He instinctively glanced over to Ji Yi and saw her with her phone in hand.

He wasn’t in a hurry to fish out the phone so he continued to stare firmly at the laptop for a short while before his hand reached into his pocket.

He pulled out his phone. Every now and then, he glanced at the laptop screen before continuing to look over at the phone screen. After he saw Ji Yi’s message, he sent a reply back with one hand: “In a meeting.”

When Ji Yi, who was browsing Weibo, saw a WeChat notification on her phone, she hurriedly exited the app.

After she read “He Yuguang”‘s reply, she instinctively replied, “It’s so late. You’re still in a meeting? Why are you just like He Jichen?”

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