Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 342
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 342
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 342: Ji Yi, Will You Trust Me? (2)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

After the message was successfully sent, Ji Yi realized it was almost midnight. Since she told Yuguang Ge that He Jichen was in a meeting, wasn’t that indirectly saying she was with He Jichen at the moment?

Ji Yi was afraid He Yuguang would misunderstand, so she started tapping the screen.

“Fatty dropped by the set today, so I had dinner with them tonight. Since it got too late, we didn’t return to Hengdian and stayed in Hangzhou instead.”

Ji Yi was afraid He Yuguang wouldn’t remember Fatty, so she added, “Do you still remember Fatty? He’s the chubby kid who was close to He Jichen in senior high; his name’s Su Han.”

Some time passed before “He Yuguang” replied to her message with a simple “I remember.” He was probably tied up in his meeting right now.

Ji Yi didn’t want to disturb He Yuguang, so she said, “Yuguang Ge, if you’re busy then go ahead with your meeting. I don’t want to disturb you.”

“It’s okay,” “He Yuguang” replied quickly to her message. “Did you guys just finish dinner?”

“No, we finished dinner a while ago. After dinner, He Jichen and I took a stroll by the West Lake…” After Ji Yi sent that line, she suddenly remembered what she and He Jichen talked about on their stroll. When she was young, she liked to share everything with He Yuguang, and she still felt the same now. She didn’t wait for He Yuguang to reply as her fingers started flying away on the keyboard. “…Yuguang Ge, did you know? He Jichen had a girl he liked.”

At the desk nearby, He Jichen secretly checked his phone to read Ji Yi’s message. When he read the final line, his brows furrowed.

Is it really okay for her to gossip so openly about me… to me?

As He Jichen was deep in thought, Ji Yi sent another message.

“I’m not sure if He Jichen and the girl he liked got into some kind of misunderstanding, but now their relationship is really strained.”

Is she going to go on incessantly about it? Does she want to gossip about everything I said to “He Yuguang”?

Just as that thought settled, a long series of messages popped up onto his screen.

“I always assumed that a man like He Jichen had loads of women lined up to be with him and that the only reason he’s been single for so many years was because his expectations were too high. I thought he just couldn’t find the right woman for him, but I never imagined that he’s been single for so long because of a single woman.”

“What’s more, did you know? Yuguang Ge, he said something tonight that made me especially touched. The line was: She’s the only good thing in my life, yet she’s also my worst memory.”

“It wasn’t until that very moment that I really understood that behind his cold and distant exterior, he’s actually as deeply passionate as the ocean.”

After reading that final line, He Jichen suddenly didn’t mind her gossiping so much. He raised his fingers and was thinking about replying to her message when his phone vibrated again. Her message came through: “Yuguang Ge, do you know which girl He Jichen likes? I asked him but he wouldn’t tell me!”

“…” After all was said and done, her objective was just to gossip.

He Jichen was dumbstruck for a while before he replied to Ji Yi’s message. “I never heard him mention it, so I’m not very clear who it is.”

“Oh, right. That’s his personality,” Ji Yi replied, unsurprised. “Just like how he did so many nice things for me during school but didn’t ever mention them to me.”

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