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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 345
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 345: Ji Yi, Will You Trust Me? (5)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

He Jichen remained at the desk. He raised his head and asked, “Not sleepy?”

“Mhm, I’m not that sleepy right now,” replied Ji Yi.

“Oh good, there’s something I want to tell you…” He Jichen put the glass down and searched around the desk for a while before he pulled out a few documents. Then he handed them to Ji Yi.

Was He Jichen looking for me to tell me something?

Ji Yi looked over at He Jichen suspiciously.

His eyes were dull and Ji Yi couldn’t make out a thing. Deep down inside, her heart secretly wondered for a moment before she reached her hand out and took the files from He Jichen’s hands.

The first was a contract for a script titled “The Imperial Palace.”

This story had dominated top online searches for close to ten years now. The copyright was bought for an exorbitant amount of money many years ago. Later, it was passed around to countless companies before it eventually disappeared. For the past few years, movie adaptations for novels had grown increasingly popular. Many people had speculated when “The Imperial Palace” would start production.

She never imagined that He Jichen would actually also possess the rights to the “Ten Years on Top.”

Ji Yi suppressed the astonishment in her heart, looked up at He Jichen, then flipped through the second file.

It was a collaborative agreement by YC Corp with Huan Ying Entertainment, the largest production company for movies and shows in China to date. Most A-list celebrities were under this company including the brightest stars. The CEO, Mr. Lu Jinnian, and his wife, Mrs. Qian Anhao, just received the annual award for the king and queen of the silver screen.

He Jichen’s company actually signed a winning collaboration with Huan Ying Entertainment?

Ji Yi still hadn’t recovered from the initial shock of seeing the contract for “The Imperial Palace.” After a minute, she then glanced at the final file.

She called it a “file” but to be precise, it was a contract.

It was YC Corp’s contract to sign her as their artist; it included a management team and packaging team on the contract too.

Having worked in the entertainment industry, Ji Yi knew all those teams were comprised of the very best in the country.

So, He Jichen… wants to sign me?

Ji Yi was completely stunned.

After he gave Ji Yi the three files, He Jichen noticed her shocked expression but didn’t make a sound.

The room was so quiet that He Jichen could hear the slight sounds of Ji Yi’s fingers flipping through the contract. His gaze never left her face as he waited patiently. He waited until she recovered from her shock a little then he softly got up and kicked the chair back from behind him. He walked around the desk and over towards her.

She sensed his movements so she looked up from the contracts and over towards him.

When he met her gaze, he didn’t shy away but looked right at her and softly said, “Finished reading?”

Ji Yi knew he was referring to the three files he gave her, but she still hadn’t completely recovered from the shock of it all. All she could do was give a slight nod.

He didn’t mind her silence and stared at her for about ten seconds then said, “Ji Yi, will you trust me?”

His earlier words and what he said just now didn’t match up at all.

Ji Yi was stunned but couldn’t quite get on the same page as him.

He Jichen spoke up again, “Do you trust that I can fight, side-by-side, with you?”

“Will you trust me to take each step with you from the lowest point of the entertainment industry towards infinite, brightest point?”

“Will you trust that I can help you get back what was taken from you, bit by bit?”

With just a second’s pause, He Jichen asked again, “So, will you trust me?”

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