Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 346
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 346
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 346: Ji Yi, Will You Trust Me? (6)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Will you trust me?

He Jichen’s voice sounded distant in both time and space; the words didn’t reach Ji Yi until a long while after.

She kept her gaze on his body until the second he finished speaking. With an obviously blank look, she fluttered her eyelashes then returned to her frozen state. Her mind was blank, and aside from staring right at him, she had no other reaction.

He didn’t say another word and neither did she. He stood unflinchingly on the spot, gazing at her.

The room was overwhelmingly silent and the overcast weather outside started to gradually brighten. The skies in the east glowed red.

It wasn’t clear how long the two of them stared quietly at each other like that; Ji Yi stood there until her legs were numb. When the rims of her eyes became a little sore, her pitch-black pupils pulsed gently. Her thoughts started to circle around what He Jichen said.

He asked if I’m willing to trust him to fight side-by-side with me?

He asked if I’m willing to trust him to take each step with me from the lowest point of the entertainment industry towards infinite, brightest heights?

He asked if I’m willing to trust him to help me get back what was taken from me, bit by bit?

He asked if I’m willing to trust him?

With each question asked, Ji Yi’s heart vigorously skipped a beat.

She thought this was an illusion, so she silently pinched her own palm. The piercing pain made her realize that everything wasn’t a dream, and in that instant, a raging storm violently coursed through her body.

She admitted that the moment He Jichen handed her those files, she did consider that he wanted to sign her for a new series.

But never in a million years would she have imagined that he’d hand her a contract, not a script.

Any actor who wanted to go anywhere with their career had to sign with a management agency, including her. However, since her return to the entertainment industry, she hadn’t been in a hurry to get herself a manager. She wanted to sign with a good management company, which she thought would require her to wait a little more until she gained some more popularity in the entertainment industry.

After all, a good team controlled eighty to ninety percent of your future.

With “Three Thousand Lunatics” coming to an end, she had recently been considering which company she should sign with. Yet before she could even meet with any companies, she made peace with He Jichen.

Although YC was a new company, He Jichen was already considered a well-known director in the industry. Now with a collaboration with Huan Ying Entertainment in addition to the rights to “The Imperial Palace” in his hands… legal rights, good actors, a good director… It was virtually the perfect combination. For her, this was undoubtedly a step to climbing the ranks.

Most importantly, he wanted to fight with her and get back everything that was taken from her, little by little…

Heaven knew that three years ago, that car crash was equivalent to pushing her from heaven towards hell. She thought she was going to have everything in the world but ended up losing absolutely everything. Now, at her lowest point, he stood by her side…

An unspeakable feeling coursed through the blood in her heart and quickly filled her entire body.

Her fixed gaze on He Jichen became sore for some reason. She moved her lips, wanting to reply to him, but her throat felt stifled and she couldn’t make a sound.

Meanwhile, he wasn’t sure what she wanted to say or what was going through her mind.

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