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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 356
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 356: This is My Answer (6)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Ji Yi wasn’t stupid; she instantly got the meaning behind He Jichen’s words. Her heart skipped a beat then it started to race uncontrollably.

So this is how it feels to have someone care about me like this… It’s like you’re being carefully protected in someone’s hands; it’s like you’re the center of the world and everything revolves around you.

Ji Yi stared right at He Jichen for a long time before she withdrew her gaze. Her eyes instantly fell and she faintly sensed the corners of her eyes starting to water.

She realized she was moved by his actions. The gloomy feeling she had from meeting Sun Zhounan seemed to have disappeared long ago, and in this very moment, her heart was filled completely with warmth.

She was moved by everything He Jichen did, but she didn’t want him to think she was someone who liked to hold grudges. After Ji Yi calmed down, she started to recount to He Jichen all the grievances she had against Sun Zhounan.

She met Sun Zhounan four years ago. At that time, Sun Zhounan wasn’t the capitalist he was today. At the time, Sun Zhounan was the assistant director in her production team. What’s more, at the time, she was a new actress in the entertainment industry.

At first, she thought Sun Zhounan was a good person, unlike the others who’d been working in the industry for a long time who liked to show off what little status they had.

This was until she realized later on that everything she knew about Sun Zhounan was wrong. In private, he was despicable and he especially liked to use women to grow his business.

And she… was the person he had his eyes set on.

At the time, Ji Yi didn’t think too much of it when he invited her for a meal – she thought it was normal for the production team to spend time together. When the time came, she realized that aside from the cast and crew, there was also a rich man from Beijing in attendance. That night, she was arranged to sit next to Sun Zhounan, and he worked with the rich man to try to get her to drink.

If it wasn’t for her luck that night, she wouldn’t have accidentally overheard Sun Zhounan ordering other people to drug her drink as she returned from the restroom. He said it’d be easier to get her into the rich man’s bed. She became extremely cautious and didn’t touch any food afterward. She was afraid she was going to turn out like all those innocent girls who went to parties and became some kind of bargaining chip Sun Zhounan used to trade for business.

He Jichen didn’t make a sound and stayed very silent as he listened to Ji Yi’s detailed account. But when he heard her mention the “drugging” at the end, his eyes instantly turned cold.

Ji Yi hadn’t finished, so she continued, “He’s probably never failed before, so I was an exception. He didn’t give up. Later, he invited me to a party under the guise of the production team, but I rejected his invitation. He was probably annoyed, so that’s when he started meddling with my reputation. Four years ago, when my first movie just came out, he created rumors out of nothing behind my back by bribing all the media companies…”

Even though it happened many years ago, Ji Yi still pursed her lips like she was still upset.

In contrast to her long explanation, He Jichen’s reply was very simple: “Mhm.”

Just when Ji Yi wondered whether or not he actually heard her, He Jichen pulled out his phone from his pocket and made a call.

Before the call even went through, He Jichen hung up.

Then after about ten seconds, Chen Bai appeared. “Mr. He, you were looking for me?”

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