Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 36
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 36
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 36: Let Her Leave (6)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

“Xiao Yi! Xiao Yi!” That familiar voice rang in her ears again, but this time, the voice wasn’t the least bit composed like it was before; it was filled with anxiety and worry with an evident tremble.

Ji Yi thought she must’ve been hallucinating. How could that man call my name with that kind of tone?

And yet, this hallucination felt so real… The way he reached his arm out to gently pat her face as though he was trying to wake her up…

Ji Yi’s eyelashes quivered. She wanted to open her eyes, but before she could, she fainted completely. The final second before she lost consciousness, she vaguely heard, “Dr. Zhu? Come to my place immediately…”

When Ji Yi woke up again, she was no longer on the dark, ice-cold street but under the covers on a soft, warm bed.

She laid in bed for a while in a daze before she realized how unfamiliar the ceiling above her head looked. As she looked around, she gradually remembered walking to the fourth crossing to eat la mian noodles. On the way back to school, her stomach suddenly started to hurt. She tried to call for help, but then she fainted… so… where was she right now?

At that thought, Ji Yi suddenly sat up, hugging the covers. Completely unfamiliar surroundings filled her eyes.

It looked like a bedroom. The walls were beige, the room was purely decorated in a European style, there were white floor-to-ceiling glass windows and fine, elegant furniture. The entire room looked luxurious, yet low-key.

Am I at someone’s home? Judging by the furnishings of the room, the owner is probably rich… She continued to observe her surroundings.

There were two doors in the room; one open, the other closed shut.

Through the open doors, she could see a changing room with rows and rows of neatly organized men’s clothes.

So I’m in a man’s room?

Before that thought could settle, the door was pushed open and Ji Yi instinctively diverted her attention towards the sound.

An unfamiliar middle-aged woman came in softly and quietly. When she saw Ji Yi up in bed, her footsteps stopped for a moment. She wore a friendly smile. “Miss, you’re awake?”

Ji Yi stared at the unfamiliar woman for a while, then asked in hesitation, “Hello, excuse me, are you…”

When the middle-aged woman heard this, she immediately smiled and said, “I’m the housekeeper here. You can call me Zhang Sao…”

Zhang Sao suddenly looked like she just remembered something and continued, “Oh my poor memory… I almost forgot! Miss, please wait, I’ll go tell mister…”

Ji Yi didn’t have any time to react before Zhang Sao turned around and ran right out of the bedroom.

After about five or six minutes, footsteps were heard outside the room. Ji Yi could tell those footsteps weren’t Zhao Sao’s.

Zhao Sao didn’t close the door on her way out, so after hearing those footsteps, Ji Yi turned her head in that direction. In the next instant, He Jichen appeared at the door, fully dressed in all white loungewear.

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