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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 360
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 360: This is My Answer (10)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

The woman said so much, yet He Jichen didn’t say a peep in reply. She was probably afraid of getting rejected by him, so she reached her hand out and pulled on his sleeve. She started to whine sweetly and sway her body like a child. “Jichen, promise me, won’t you? Please, pretty please…”

He Jichen seemed a bit impatient with her pestering, so he called out her name, “Xia Yuan…”

So her name’s Xia Yuan… Not only is she beautiful, but her name also sounds so good…

Ji Yi had never met such an exceptional woman in her life; never before had she paid this much attention to another woman’s looks, body, voice, and even her name.

What’s even more, Ji Yi didn’t notice just how much she took note of everything that this woman called “Xia Yuan” looked at or what she knew.

He Jichen, who had never really been a patient person, didn’t erupt in a fit of rage at Xia Yuan, but he just furrowed his brows slightly. Then he silently reached over with his other arm and gently plucked Xia Yuan off his sleeve. He looked over at Ji Yi and continued to speak to Xia Yuan, “…Let me introduce you for a moment. This is Ji Yi, the new artist signed to my company.”

As soon as she heard He Jichen mention her name, Ji Yi immediately tossed aside all her thoughts to the back of her mind and looked over at He Jichen.

Noticing her gaze, He Jichen spoke again, “And this is Xia Yuan, my professor’s daughter and my classmate from school.”

Oh, so she’s from a prestigious school; she’s totally an honor student… What’s more, she was probably raised in a rich family. Is she what people call a “debutante”?

Considering what He Jichen said, Ji Yi’s mind started to revolve around Xia Yuan several times.

Having heard He Jichen’s introduction, Xia Yuan, who had been sitting on the sofa for so long, finally noticed Ji Yi. She turned her head to look at Ji Yi with a dazzling smile, then she reached her slender, lily-white hands out. “Hello, Miss Ji. I’m Xia Yuan, delighted to meet you,” said Xia Yuan warmly to Ji Yi.

When Ji Yi heard Xia Yuan speak, she flashed her a smile and looked back at her. However, for some reason, after hearing Xia Yuan’s natural and outspoken introduction, the smile on her face turned stiff. She tried her best to raise the corners of her lips as the words from her mouth came out hoarse, “Hello, I’m Ji Yi.”

After the two of them politely shook hands, Xia Yuan and Ji Yi continued to share a few courteous words.

Every word Xia Yuan said didn’t stray far from the topic of He Jichen. If she didn’t talk about how remarkable he was in school, she’d talk about interesting things that happened to him in school…

Ji Yi wasn’t part of He Jichen’s old life at his university, so she couldn’t talk about it with Xia Yuan; all she could do was wear a slight smile and listen feebly.

When Xia Yuan started to talk about the time He Jichen received an award in university, she turned to look over at He Jichen and said with an unusually sweet voice, “Jichen, did you know? Two days ago, my dad brought up the time you received an award in conversations. He even called you the most outstanding student amongst all his students. When are you free? My dad really misses you. He always bugs me about you coming over to our house to play chess with him when you have some free time…”

Ji Yi wasn’t sure what was wrong with her, but when she heard this, her chest felt incredibly stifled for some reason.

She suddenly didn’t want to sit there like a fool, listening to them chat about things she had no idea about.

She didn’t wait for He Jichen to reply and beat him first to say, “Apologies Director He, Miss Xia. You two continue to chat, I’m just going to take a look over there.”

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