Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 371
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 371
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 371: Their Second Time (1)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

After he said this, Chen Bai turned right around and headed for the elevators.

After taking just two steps forward, Chen Bai stopped again. “Mr. He, Miss Ji said a hundred bottles of correction fluid. You really want me to buy a hundred bottles?”

“A thousand bottles!” replied He Jichen through gritted teeth. He then bent down and carried the crazy woman in his arms, taking his leave first.

As he passed Chen Bai, He Jichen’s footsteps slowed down slightly. “Don’t come back if you’re one bottle short!”

With that, He Jichen sped up and entered the elevator.

With Ji Yi in his arms, He Jichen stepped out of the elevator onto the first floor. He Jichen couldn’t find Ji Yi’s room key on her person, so he carried her into his own room.

He Jichen set Ji Yi down on the bed then immediately called the front desk with the phone by his bedside table, ordering a cocktail to help Ji Yi sober up.

As soon as the drunken Ji Yi touched the bed, he shut his eyes.

After He Jichen put the phone down, he glanced over at Ji Yi. He was afraid she would catch a cold sleeping like that, so he walked up to her and pulled the covers over her body.

Groggy and woozy, Ji Yi smelled a waft of his cologne as he moved.

She furrowed her brows and sniffed harder. When the scent of his cologne intensified, her eyelids slowly opened.

So, the scent I was looking for earlier is here after all…

With that thought, Ji Yi pulled on He Jichen’s shirt and looked up at him.

Her gaze happened to land on his shoulder area. Her soft breaths and the sweet scent of alcohol gently sprayed across his neck area.

He Jichen’s back suddenly tightened up and his voice sounded low, but also a little flat, as he said, “Xiao Yi, stop playing.”

She ignored what he said and continued to rub her little face up and down his clothes.

Her nose slid from his neck down to his chest, then stopped.

Through the covers and his clothes, He Jichen could feel the heat of her lips.

His breathing became a little unsteady as his hand naturally clutched onto the bedsheet.

“Xiao Yi…” He spoke again with an unbelievably hoarse voice.

He Jichen only said two words when the tip of Ji Yi’s nose rubbed against his chest. The sensation made him feel numb and limp, and he let out a grunt.

He held his breath and his whole body tightened up as the desire in his body was suppressed after two seconds of silence.

He Jichen gulped and was about to open his mouth to finish what he was going to say. However, before his tender voice could come out, Ji Yi mumbled the word, “Stinks…”

Stinks? Is she talking about me?

He Jichen furrowed his brows, lowered his head and sniffed his own clothes.

There are no weird smells. Why’d she call me stinky?

Just as He Jichen puzzled over this, Ji Yi moved her nose from He Jichen’s chest to his arm. Then it stopped at a certain spot and she lingered there quietly for a moment. Her delicate brows started to furrow tightly, full of dislike, and she said, “…Stinks so bad…”

With that, Ji Yi reached both her hands out, planning to push He Jichen’s chest away.

The alcohol probably came over her, because she was as flexible as a cat. He Jichen didn’t move an inch however.

Her eyebrows tightened fiercely as she pushed harder. Seeing as he wasn’t moving, she mumbled, “Go away… Stay away from me. You stink… Suffocating me to death…”

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