Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 373
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 373
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 373: Their Second Time (3)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

He Jichen had a tinge of obsessive-compulsive disorder, so when Ji Yi put the correction fluid on his clothes, he suddenly furrowed his brows. The thought of taking off his clothes came to mind.

But before he could move, he saw her smile like a child as she stared at the correction fluid on his arm.

Even though he didn’t understand what she meant by her drunken shenanigans, he could feel that she was truly happy. Without any hesitation, he gave up taking his clothes off.

Her gaze was still fixated on his arm. She stared and stared as the smile faded from her lips. “It doesn’t seem like it’s enough, I can still smell it…”

As she said this, she raised the correction fluid and applied it to his arm again.

Even though He Jichen didn’t understand why she was doing this, he figured that he might as well leave her be since she was playing so happily and his clothes were already ruined.

Ji Yi used about a dozen bottles of correction fluid and painted He Jichen’s entire sleeve white before she finally stopped. She lowered her head and put her nose to He Jichen’s arm.

The correction fluid hadn’t dried yet, so the tip of her nose was smeared with the white fluid. She didn’t notice it in the slightest but kept trying her hardest to sniff the sleeve. After she confirmed that she could no longer smell the perfume on He Jichen, she smiled foolishly. “This time, it’s really fixed…”

She spoke so incoherently and He Jichen tried to listen on in confusion, but when he saw her smile, he felt more at ease.

But her happiness only lasted three seconds as a gloominess crept up to her brows. “That’s not right. I can still smell it…”

“What can you smell?” asked He Jichen curiously.

Ji Yi didn’t bother answering He Jichen because she was completely lost in her own thoughts. Then she directed her nose towards other areas of his body and sniffed.

“It’s here and here… It’s here too…”

Every time she smelled the scent of Xia Yuan’s perfume on He Jichen’s body, she tried to cover up the spot using correction fluid.

Soon after, He Jichen’s black suit was entirely covered in white correction fluid.

But Ji Yi had no intention of giving up. Her nose dove at He Jichen’s neck, ear, face, and hair.

After applying so much correction fluid, how can I still smell that woman’s perfume?

Annoyed, Ji Yi pouted, grabbed a few bottles and directed them at He Jichen with no concept of right and wrong.

Chen Bai stood at the door and drew a cold breath of air as he said meekly, “Mr…”

Before Chen Bai could finish saying “He,” He Jichen swept him a threatening look to shut him up.

Chen Bai was so frightened that he swiftly shut up, and all he could do was stare blankly at He Jichen affectionately indulging Ji Yi. He let Ji Yi apply correction fluid little by little on his handsome hair and refined face.

If Chen Bai didn’t treasure his life, he would’ve pulled out his phone and taken a photo that second. He wanted to take a photo for YC Corp and all their business partners to see Mr. He, who they deeply respected, actually looking like this in front of a woman!

Ji Yi finally stopped when He Jichen’s entire face was covered in correction fluid.

She turned her head and sniffed He Jichen left and right, front and back, and all around, just to confirm that she couldn’t smell the perfume anymore. That was when she gave a satisfied smile. “This time, it’s really fixed…”

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