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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 375
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 375: Their Second Time (5)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

He was afraid she would catch a cold, so after he carried her out of the bathroom, he put her on the sofa and immediately found dry towels and a bathrobe to wipe down her body. He helped her into a new bathrobe then found a hair dryer to carefully dry her hair.

After making sure she wouldn’t get cold, He Jichen took the soup he ordered the attendant to deliver to help her sober up. Then he sat down beside Ji Yi.

It was common for people who had been drinking to get thirsty. When he fed her the soup, she didn’t complain and drank it all up.

He Jichen put down the bowl and grabbed a tissue to wipe the corners of Ji Yi’s lips.

Just as he chucked the tissue into the trash, his phone went off. “Ding dong!”

He pulled the phone out from his pocket and glanced at the screen. Then he put it back into his pocket like it hadn’t rung at all. He turned his head and glanced over at Ji Yi. “Shall I take you to your room to go to bed?” asked He Jichen in a gentle voice.

After taking a hot shower and drinking the soup, Ji Yi still wasn’t completely awake, but she was a lot more rational than before.

She was a little sluggish from the alcohol, so after she heard what He Jichen said, she nodded gently a second later.

Seeing her returning to normal, He Jichen’s eyes turned more affectionate. He got up and started to help her up. Seeing as she couldn’t walk steadily, he carried her out of his room and down a dozen meters down the corridor then stopped in front of her room.

With the door open, he carried her into the room and put her down by the door.

After He Jichen waited for her to find her footing, he let her go and used his chin to point inside the room. “Go on in.”

Ji Yi stared at He Jichen in a daze for a moment then slowly turned around. Using the wall to support herself, she staggered into the room.

She walked around the entrance area, but just as she was stepping into the living room, she suddenly stopped, staring right ahead.

Some time ago, the coffee table and sofa were moved in front of the tall windows.

About twenty square meters of the living room floor were covered with new tubes of lipstick from her feet all the way to the bedroom door.

It looked spectacular; it was a thousand times, no, a million times more exciting than seeing rows upon rows of lipstick on the shelves at the mall.

It felt like Ji Yi’s pressure points had been hit as she stared dumbstruck at the scene before her in astonishment. Then she slowly turned her head and looked behind her.

He Jichen hadn’t left yet, and he was standing at the door with an elegant and majestic air as though he was a fine prince from a TV show.

When his gaze met hers, his long lashes blinked and his whole face looked as though it was giving off electricity; he looked infinitely charming. “Are you happy?”

Ji Yi was a lot slower to react than usual because of the alcohol. She stared silently at He Jichen.

He Jichen lowered his head as though he was trying to figure out what to say for a moment. Then he said in a soft voice, “Though I’m not clear what I’ve done wrong to upset you, you said before that women love to be given lipstick when they’re mad. If one tube of lipstick can’t resolve the issue, then two. If two can’t resolve the issue, then give her a whole set!”

As He Jichen’s voice filled the room, Ji Yi slowly turned her head and looked over at the living room full of lipstick.

That was what she told Fatty when they started to talk about “Cola girl” back when they finished dinner at Lou Wailou not long ago.

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