Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 382
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 382
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 382: Why Does Cotton Candy Taste Like Alcohol (2)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

He held his breath and forced himself to imagine that he was just holding a balled-up comforter in his arms. His gaze was transfixed straight ahead as he swiftly walked to the side of the bed. Without a moment’s hesitation, he put her down on the bed.

He didn’t dare linger there any longer as he pulled the covers over her body messily and prepared to leave.

But just as he turned around, she started to make gagging sounds.

It sounded like she was going to vomit. He was afraid she’d choke since she was lying on her back, so he instinctively turned around.

She raised her head slightly and coughed twice before she quietly laid back down on the pillow.

After that false alarm, He Jichen let out a quiet sigh of relief. Just as he was going to withdraw his gaze, Ji Yi suddenly flipped over on the bed.

Because he set her down a little close to the edge of the bed, it caused Ji Yi to fall over the edge.

Without even thinking about it, he lunged over to the bedside and caught her falling body.

Though the bed wasn’t very high, Ji Yi still felt some pain from slamming right into He Jichen’s chest.

He Jichen drew two breaths and waited for the pain to subside a little before reaching his hand out to stroke her face. “Were you hurt anywhere?” he asked in a quiet voice.

Ji Yi felt his touch. She lifted her little head and looked over at him with her drunken, hazy eyes.

She looked obedient and cute like she had no idea just how alarmed he was a second ago.

He Jichen knew it was pointless in asking, so he manually checked her body with his hands. He only relaxed after he made sure she wasn’t injured anywhere.

Just as He Jichen wanted to carry her, Ji Yi started to sit up. At his touch, she looked up at him and suddenly lunged forward like she was tired. Her little head nestled right into his neck.

Her hair rubbed against his lower jaw and her breaths happened to blow her hair. As her hair fluttered back and forth, it tickled his skin every time. Her hair softly pricked his skin with every waft and fanned the flames within him again.

He Jichen’s body instantly tightened up. He wanted to take the opportunity to quickly throw her onto the bed and make love with her before he could control himself.

It was a shame that before that thought could register, Ji Yi suddenly raised her hand to his mouth and used her soft fingertips to caress the outline of his lips.

He Jichen’s breathing was stifled once more; he turned his head swiftly to look over at Ji Yi.

The woman’s gaze was transfixed upon his lips with a piercingly bright light jumping in her eyes.

Does she know that she’s playing with fire…?

He Jichen felt her fingertips moving towards his mouth. He instinctively grabbed her little hand and let out a low grunt, “Xiao Yi, quit it…”

As she was drunk, how could she understand what he was saying? All she knew was that she wanted to pull her hand from his grasp and trace his lips again.

But how could she have the strength to resist him? She struggled hard twice to no avail, so she raised her head from where it was resting on his neck. Then she drew close to his lips, reached her tongue out and gently licked them.

He Jichen let out a low grunt and clearly felt his body start to change.

He spoke again with a light, hoarse voice, “Xiao Yi, quit messing around…”

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