Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 384
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 384
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 384: Why Does Cotton Candy Taste Like Alcohol (4)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

But why would she listen to him? Instead, she moved even more frantically as she said something that tempted him to think wild thoughts: “Why do you keep fighting me…?”

“Xiao Yi, don’t move!” He Jichen’s voice was stern from holding himself back with so much restraint and enduring so much torture.

“Why are you getting angry?!” Ji Yi glanced at He Jichen, dissatisfied. She simply refused to obey what he said. On the contrary, she moved even more erratically. “Who do you think you are? You tell me not to move, so I’m just going to stop moving? Just how little face do you think I have? Whatever, I’m gonna move…”

As she said this, it looked like this wasn’t exciting enough for her. She actually reached her little hand out and aimed below He Jichen’s abdomen.

“Xiao Yi!” He spoke out sharply to stop her, but before he could physically block her, her fingers had already touched his lower body.

He didn’t hesitate in the slightest to grab her hand.

She clearly got what he meant, and she knew that he wanted to stop her. She didn’t hesitate either to tighten her grip on his body.

His abdomen twitched all of a sudden. Then he loosened the strength in his grip on her hand.

He suddenly felt a little parched and the air in the room seemed incredibly dry.

He instinctively reached towards her again with balled-up fists. Because he was trying his hardest to control himself, he heard the cracking of his knuckles.

After some time, he finally spoke in an intensely tender voice: “Xiao Yi… Let go…”

As he said this, a tinge of anticipation rose from his heart. He hoped she could listen to what he said, let go, and leave him. The further away she was, the better… His self-control was better than most, but in his heart, she was his deepest craving. What’s more, in this very moment, he felt like the ball of fire was about to explode inside!

But in the end, his hopes came crashing down. With no idea what He Jichen was thinking, Ji Yi replied with a crisp “No!” then put more force in her fingers.

He Jichen choked a little as he tried to suppress a pained expression from emerging on his devastatingly beautiful face. He pursed his lips tightly and waited for the electrical current generated by Ji Yi’s tight grip to subside. Then he said with an unusually weak, hoarse voice: “Xiao Yi, I’m going to hurt you if you don’t stop…”

To him, she was an endless pursuit. Once he started, there was no other way for him to stop.

He wanted to take advantage of the rationality still left in him and stop what was going to happen. He wanted to allow their story to stop now while they still had a beautiful friendship.

In her drunken state, how could she understand what he really wanted? All she knew was that he wanted her to let go. Under the influence of alcohol, her rebellious nature intensified. She shook her head like a rattle-drum and consecutively said “No!”

Ji Yi felt really hot. She could feel a layer of dense sweat in her palms and she couldn’t help but rub it on the bathrobe in hopes of rubbing the sweat away.

Her actions happened to rub against He Jichen. She stimulated him with one rub after another, leaving him on the verge of completely losing his rationality and self-control.

In the end, he overestimated his self-control and underestimated her sex appeal.

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