Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 390
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 390
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 390: Why Does Cotton Candy Taste Like Alcohol (10)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

When she spoke again, she sounded even more agitated, “Han Zhifan, get out! Get out of my room!”

Han Zhifan ignored her and slowly pushed his head down lower. As his lips drew closer to hers, Cheng Weiwan nervously shut her eyes and tears fell from the corners of her eyes.

Just when she thought her first kiss was going to be stolen by him, he suddenly stopped about an inch away from her lips.

Cheng Weiwan waited for a moment but the sensation she was expecting never arrived. That was when she slowly lifted her eyelids.

She was caught off guard by Han Zhifan’s deep gaze.

Their eyes met for about ten seconds. Then, with a uniquely arrogant and serious voice, he said, “I lied. I, Han Zhifan, never force women.”

As he said this, he continued to stare at her eyes for some time. Then he slowly raised his left hand to her head and gently stroked her hair, messy from her struggles against him. “I really do want you, but most importantly, I want you to do this willingly.”

As he said this, Han Zhifan lowered his head and left a gentle peck between Cheng Weiwan’s brows. Then he added a “goodnight,” swiftly retreated and took a few steps back. Under the soft, pale yellow lights, he spoke again with a tender voice, “Sweet dreams.” With that, he really did leave her room without looking back.

Cheng Weiwan blinked and came to her senses a long time after he left.

She stared at the ceiling quietly for some time before she raised her hand gently and touched the spot between her eyebrows.

It seemed as though his breath and warmth were still lingering there. Her fingers suddenly trembled for a moment before she hurriedly hid under the covers.

As Han Zhifan stepped out of the room and shut the door, he had a cold expression on his face.

He stared at the empty hallway and stood there in silence for a moment. Then he strode over to the elevators.

When he reached his own floor, he waited for the driver to hand him his room key and saw the driver off. He took out a cigarette, walked over to the tall windows and watched the night view out the window. He started to smoke.

As the sky grew darker, there were fewer and fewer boats out on the Huangpu River. When the neon lights dimmed one after the other, Han Zhifan seemed to have made some kind of decision. He pulled out his phone from his pocket and made a call. “Lin Sheng, have you arranged what I asked?”

“Mr. Han, it’s all ready.” The man’s voice over the phone stopped for a moment and said, “Are we going to run with the plan?”

“No…” Han Zhifan answered bluntly. About two seconds later, he spoke again. “…bring it up to next month.”

“So soon?” Lin Sheng was a little shocked.

Han Zhifan let out an “Mhm,” lowered his head and took a drag of his cigarette.

The man was silent for a moment then Lin Sheng spoke again with a sluggish voice: “Mr. Han, are you sure? After all, Cheng Weiguo was in the wrong, not his daughter, Cheng Weiwan. What’s more, Cheng Weiwan probably knows nothing about her father, she…”

“Say no more. I’ve decided and I won’t change my mind. She can’t complain; she has only her father, Cheng Weiguo, to blame!” Han Zhifan didn’t wait for Lin Sheng to reply and firmly cut him off.

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