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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 391
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 391: Waking Up the Following Day (1)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Lin Sheng shut his mouth and didn’t utter a peep.

Silence fell again.

After some time, Lin Sheng asked, “So Mr. Han, when the plan comes into action, I’ll tell the men to be careful not to hurt you as much as possible…”

“No!” With practically no hesitation, Han Zhifan rejected Lin Sheng’s suggestion. “Cheng Weiguo’s daughter may be naive, but she’s smart. If they don’t act realistically, she won’t believe it! So…”

As Han Zhifan said this, a stern look flashed across his eyes. “… When it’s time for them to hit me, they must hit hard!”

Ji Yi was awoken from her deep sleep by an urge to use the bathroom. Having not slept enough, she refused to get up just yet, so she tried to endure it and fall back asleep.

After enduring it for long a time, her bladder started to hurt. Wanting to cling to her dream, she furrowed her brows. Seeing as she couldn’t hold it in any longer, she grudgingly cracked her eyes open a little. She groggily got out of bed and went to the bathroom.

Ji Yi kept her eyes shut thoughout the process of using the toilet and washing her hands.

Still half-asleep, she came out of the bathroom and went back to bed in a hurry.

She found a comfortable position and was about to fall back asleep when she felt something soft and smooth. It was warm and really comfortable.

Itching to go back to sleep, she was too lazy to open her eyes, so she just reached her hand out to feel around. She felt something smooth and hard, like… a man’s chest.

Because she was too sleepy, her reaction time was slow, so she didn’t register the thought that flashed across her mind and what it meant.

After about ten seconds, Ji Yi quickly fell asleep. Suddenly, her eyes shot wide open.

No… what I just felt was… a man’s chest?

A man’s chest?!

As those three words glossed over Ji Yi’s mind, she suddenly felt wide awake. Her vision also became clearer, but although she was no longer as groggy as before, she still felt like her vision was clouded by a fog or something.

Two bathrobes were scattered on the floor in a ball, her underwear was tossed on a nearby round coffee table, and on the floor beside it was a pair of men’s underwear.

The curtains were drawn and the window was half-open. The cold morning air blew in gently but it couldn’t blow away the alluring, affectionate air in the room.

Even though it was four years ago, she remembered that one night stand clearly. She was too familiar with this whole picture and knew what it meant.

At that moment, this picture looked no different from when she woke up in the hotel room four years ago…

So, last night… last night, I re-enacted that night from four years ago?

Because she was still hungover, Ji Yi’s head hurt a little. Her memory was a little sluggish, and she furrowed her brows to no avail as she struggled to remember what happened last night. In the end, she brought her fingers up to rub her aching temples. Then she held her breath and carefully turned around to look behind her.

The first things she saw were a naked man’s chest, his prominent muscles, and his fair skin covered in fingernail marks. Some of them were even bleeding. This whole picture looked incredibly sexy.

But Ji Yi wasn’t in the right mind to admire him at all. She instinctively clutched onto the covers, stared at those bleeding fingernail marks, and fiercely furrowed her brows.

I c-couldn’t h-have made those fingernail marks, right?

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