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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 392
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 392: Waking Up the Following Day (2)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Ji Yi raised her arm in annoyance and smacked her own head. That was when her gaze rose towards the man’s exquisite collarbones.

His naturally smooth curves, perfect lips, tall nose bridge, and fine eyebrows… As each and every facial feature fell into Ji Yi’s gaze, her body shivered visibly.

After about ten seconds, her gaze traced his arms and slowly wandered down to his wrist.

Clear as day, there was a red string there which pierced her eyes.

I.. I… Last night, I actually had sex w-with He Jichen again…

As those words registered, one after the other, in Ji Yi’s mind, she withdrew her eyes away from He Jichen.

How did I and He Jichen end up having sex?

Ji Yi racked her brain thinking about it for a long time, but before she could figure it out, her heart started to feel powerless.

How did things end up like this? We’re just friends. After he wakes up and sees this, what’s going to happen? And what about me? How should I react?

The more Ji Yi thought about it, the more it hurt her head. She couldn’t help but raise her hand and massage her throbbing temples again. However, before her fingertips touched her skin, she noticed He Jichen shifting on the bed.

He can’t be waking up, right?

Ji Yi’s heart suddenly stopped and she was so frightened that she didn’t dare to breathe.

About a minute later, seeing as He Jichen didn’t move further, Ji Yi realized that he just repositioned himself; he didn’t actually wake up. She finally let out a sigh of relief. Then, without any hesitation at all, she removed the covers and gently got out of bed. She took her clothes out of her suitcase and ran into the bathroom.

After she quickly freshened up, Ji Yi put on her clothes and fixed up her messy hair in the mirror. Then she opened the bathroom door and poked her head out to check that the man was still sleeping. Seeing that he was, she pulled the door open a little wider then gently walked out, clinging to the wall. She finally reached the door of the bedroom and tried her best to be as silent as possible as she opened the door and quickly slipped out.

Ji Yi shut the door, turned around, and was just about to run out of the hotel room when she saw the unexpected floor full of lipstick.

As though her pressure points had been pressed, she suddenly froze in her tracks.

So many lipst- before the word “lipstick” came to mind, it seemed like she heard the imaginary sound of He Jichen’s voice saying: “Are you happy?”

“Though I’m not clear what I’ve done wrong to upset you, you said before that women love to be given lipstick when they’re mad. If one tube of lipstick can’t resolve the issue, then two. If two can’t resolve the issue, then give her a whole set!”

“In front of you, there are a hundred sets of lipstick.”

Ji Yi’s mouth gaped slightly as she realized that those words were from last night.

He Jichen actually gave her one hundred sets of lipstick. But why did he give them to her?

Ji Yi turned her head and glanced at the closed door to the bedroom then naturally furrowed her brows, carefully trying to recollect the events of the night before.

Yesterday, a woman called Xia Yuan came to see He Jichen. They were in He Jichen’s room. She even went upstairs with him, then came back downstairs. I drank a lot…

Just as Ji Yi had that thought, she heard a cough from within the bedroom behind the closed door.

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