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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 399
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 399: Waking Up the Following Day (9)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

The film festival finished at ten in the evening.

He Jichen tactfully declined over ten invitations to meet afterward. After he slipped out, he immediately reached for his phone and tried to call Ji Yi as soon as he got in the car.

Just like his previous attempts to reach her, her phone was still switched off.

From the rear-view mirror, Chen Bai, in the driver’s seat, saw He Jichen put his phone to his ear for the second time.

Chen Bai didn’t have to ask; he knew He Jichen was calling Ji Yi.

Since He Jichen woke up in the afternoon, Chen Bai had constantly been by his side. When he attended the film festival in the evening, He Jichen had to entertain a lot of people, but every now and then, he would pull out his phone and tap the screen. Sometimes, the people beside him would talk to him, but He Jichen wouldn’t react for a long time and when he did, he replied with single-word answers.

He knew better than anyone that Miss Ji left without saying goodbye. In his heart, he knew that He Jichen was in no mood to smile, but he smiled at everyone he met at the film festival. The moment he finished making casual conversation though, there would be an indescribable cloudiness in his eyes.

What was more grueling than forcing someone to smile? But for four whole hours, Mr. He managed to get through the film festival…

Chen Bai came back from his senses and saw a slight worry creep up between He Jichen’s handsome brows. He immediately removed the phone from his ear.

Chen Bai figured that Mr. He’s call definitely didn’t get through to Miss Ji.

The sight of him made Chen Bai a little uncomfortable, and he couldn’t help but try to console him. “Mr. He, nothing’s going to happen to Miss Ji. She probably decided she wanted some alone time. You don’t have to worry.”

He Jichen glanced over at Chen Bai through the rear-view mirror without making a sound.

To make He Jichen’s mood a little better, Chen Bai smiled as he said, “What’s more, Mr. He, you treat Miss Ji so well. You’re handsome and rich, and you’ve been considered this century’s most desirable director. You’re the dream man of nine billion young girls, so you don’t have to worry so much. Miss Ji is an ordinary woman too, so she definitely feels something for you too…”

With that, as Chen Bai continued to ramble on, the darkness in He Jichen’s eyes grew more intense.

Chen Bai realized something was wrong, so he hurriedly shut his mouth in fear.

Could I possibly have said something wrong? How come the more I try to persuade him, the more upset Mr. He looks?

Chen Bai didn’t dare speak.

The car fell silent.

Just when Chen Bai thought it’d be quiet for the rest of their journey to the airport, He Jichen suddenly said, “If only she was just an ordinary woman…”

Chen Bai, who was fully concentrated on driving, didn’t quite catch what He Jichen said and naturally let out an “Mhm?”

He was met with a wall of silence.

Just when Chen Bai was going to ask He Jichen to repeat what he said, he saw a strong sense of helplessness between He Jichen’s brows as he stared at the endlessly disappearing night through the window.

This was a side of He Jichen that he had never seen in all the years he had known him.

Just like that, the words he wanted to say were swallowed.

He never knew that the god-like, almighty Mr. He could look so helpless.

He Jichen had no idea that Chen Bai was looking at him.

As he stared at the scenery outside the window, he continued to quietly think… that it would be alright if she was just a little more superficial, greedy, infatuated with love, or vain, so she would be more like other women and like him…

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