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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 4
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 4: Entrapping the God (4)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Ji Yi glanced over at her phone to see who was calling. It was her roommate and head of the dorms, Bo He. She picked up the call. Before she could get a word out, Bo He’s voice came from the phone, “Xiao Yi, don’t forget! Tonight’s dinner party is at Yuhuatai Restaurant at seven..”

Ji Yi knew they made dinner plans some time ago, but how did a table at a hot pot restaurant for three become a table at Yuhuatai Restaurant for more than five?

Ji Yi furrowed her brows. “Why was the location changed?”

“Xiao Ya changed it…” Women were born to gossip. She added, “… I think her new boyfriend set it up. From what I see, Xiao Ya’s new boyfriend seems kind of loaded.”

Xiao Ya, or Lin Ya, was also Ji Yi’s roommate. She was known to be one of the hottest girls in B-film. She hadn’t even acted a single role, yet she was quite famous online. To land herself a rich boyfriend wasn’t anything to fuss about.

Ji Yi replied candidly, “Oh I see…”

Seeing how dull and completely uninterested Ji Yi’s tone of voice was, Bo He didn’t bother talking to Ji Yi anymore about it. Bo He reminded her not to be late, then hung up the phone.

Ji Yi casually tossed her phone aside, then started to get changed and put on her makeup. When she was ready, it was about time to head out.

Just as she was about to leave the dorms, Ji Yi looked into the mirror and checked herself out. The woman in the mirror had fair skin and delicate facial features—absolutely flawless. She wore a mid-length dress which revealed two long and beautifully straight legs. She had a dainty waist and perky bottom. She was an absolute stunner.

Ji Yi pursed her lips in satisfaction to smooth out her vintage red lipstick and make it appear more natural. She grabbed her purse and phone, then left.

Yuhuatai Restaurant wasn’t too far from Ji Yi’s dorm, but it happened to be rush hour so the roads were crowded. When Ji Yi arrived, the private room was almost packed full. Lin Ya was holding the menu, ordering the food.

The ten-person table only had two empty seats left. One was beside Lin Ya, and the other was next to Bo He…

Ji Yi and Bo He were quite close, so as she greeted everyone, she took the seat next to Bo He.

The seat next to Lin Ya remained empty, even after the food was served and everyone had started eating.

Of course, the dinner party wasn’t complete without alcohol. After a few glasses, the atmosphere at the dinner table started to become lively.

In the midst of all the excitement, everyone ate until they saw the bottoms of plate after plate. Just as the waiter was about to serve dessert, Lin Ya’s phone rang. She merely glimpsed at the phone screen, but her eyes were filled with joy as if she couldn’t wait to pick up the phone. “Are you here?”

They weren’t sure what the person said over the phone, but Lin Ya spoke again in an overwhelmingly gentle voice, “I’ll come meet you.” As Lin Ya hung up the phone, she got up.

“Xiao Ya, is your boyfriend coming?” Faced with their curious questions, Lin Ya neither admitted or denied it, but she was exceptionally happy as she hurriedly ran out of the room after hastily replying, “I’m going to pick someone up.”

After no more than five minutes, the doors opened again and everyone in the room, including Ji Yi, collectively turned their heads. Lin Ya, who had just hastily run out, had returned and behind her was a guy.

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