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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 404
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 404: Ji Yi, let’s talk (4)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Ji Yi’s fingers trembled for a moment as her eyes naturally glanced out at the dark night sky out the window.

He can’t really be staying out all night outside my dorm like Huahua said, right?

Ji Yi relaxed her grip on her phone, and after about half a minute, she withdrew her gaze. After exiting out of Tang Huahua’s messages, she looked at the other unread WeChat messages.

There were more WeChat messages than there were text messages.

Besides those people who called her, there were even WeChat messages from Li Da, Fatty, and Han Zhifan, whom she never really spoke to.

But before Ji Yi could click each of their names and check their messages, she saw the three words: Yuguang Ge.

Reading those three words felt like a bucket of cold water had been tossed right over her head.

At that very moment, there were no other words in her sight besides “Yuguang Ge.” She stared straight at them for a long time as her mind slowly started to turn.

Yuguang Ge… How could I forget Yuguang Ge?

After she and He Jichen had sex for the second time, she ran away helplessly. How could she have not thought about Yuguang Ge to whom she was now married to?

Even if she and Yuguang Ge got married because Qian Ge was making her life difficult, she was still Yuguang Ge’s wife in name…

Yet, as his wife, she went behind his back and had sex with his biological twin brother…

Annoyance, remorse, self-blame, pain, and a strong sense of guilt instantly engulfed Ji Yi like a wave.

Her relationship with Yuguang Ge was great, and she used to actively talk to Yuguang every day… Even when she was busy, alone and absent-minded, she would think about Yuguang Ge. Yet, how come she became a different person in the last three months since filming “Three Thousand Lunatics”? When did she actually become like this?

When you don’t think about it, you’ll never come to realize it. When Ji Yi thought carefully about it, she realized that her thoughts of Yuguang Ge gradually decreased starting a month ago. Instead, she thought more about… He Jichen.

When they were young, Yuguang Ge was in poor health and didn’t really like to go out. Nevertheless, seeing that he was the eldest son of the He family, there were a few young noble girls who would come to see him whenever they visited his house.

She personally witnessed this with discomfort, but through the bitterness, she put up a good front; even if she was unhappy, she never allowed herself to reveal it in front of the other girls. Instead, she always pretended to look completely unfazed. It was only when those girls left and Yuguang Ge came to find her that she would push her annoyance to the back of her head.

But during the end-of-production party for “Three Thousand Lunatics,” she actually started drinking so much and acted uncharacteristically after she saw Xia Yuan all over He Jichen… She even used the alcohol in her system to kiss He Jichen… Why did she become so different when it came to He Jichen?

Unless, in my heart, He Jichen…

She was just on the cusp of an answer when Ji Yi suddenly stopped her mind from thinking about it any further.

She admitted that He Jichen was really important to her now, but he wasn’t as important as she imagined.

Yes. It definitely can’t be! Definitely can’t! Absolutely can’t!

Deep down, Ji Yi repeatedly emphasized this several times before these sudden thoughts disappeared from her heart.

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