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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 406
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 406: Ji Yi, let’s talk (6)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

It was really late, so the pharmacy cashier was yawning. After she heard the “Welcome” announcement, she groggily looked up and asked Ji Yi, “Miss, how may I help you?”

She suffered gravely four years ago, so when she made the same mistake four years later, she had to protect herself, just in case.

She couldn’t let herself get pregnant again…

Ji Yi clutched her clothes as she quietly replied with three words, “Morning after pill.”

After a pause, Ji Yi remembered that almost two days had passed, so she added, “I want the seventy-two hours one.”

The cashier was probably used to seeing these kinds of things, so she calmly pulled out a box from below the counter, gave it to Ji Yi and told her the price.

After Ji Yi paid and left, she walked into the convenience store next door to buy a bottle of water. She stood by the road, scooped out a pill, shoved it into her mouth, and took a gulp of water.

After she was sure the pill went down, her fingers couldn’t help but clutch the medicine box tightly.

She wasn’t sure what was with her, but her entire body shivered like crazy. After some time, she finally calmed down.

She threw the medicine box into the trash can then continued to walk over to the hotel.

It was already four in the morning when she got back to her hotel room.

Ji Yi took a shower. As she was drying herself off in front of the sink, she noticed that her body was covered in numerous, densely packed marks.

Even if they were caused long ago, those marks were still clearly visible.

Ji Yi thought they were an eye-sore as she hurriedly withdrew her gaze. She frantically wiped away the water droplets, put on a bathrobe, and tightly wrapped her body up.

Back in bed, Ji Yi picked up her phone and glanced at it.

In three short hours, her phone had over a dozen missed calls from He Jichen. He even sent her some more text messages.

“Xiao Yi, I know you turned your phone on and I know you can see my messages. Send me a reply, okay?”

“If you really don’t want to see me, I can give you time, but please tell me roughly when you think you’ll be ready to talk. Let’s have a good chat?”

Ji Yi’s eyes heated up and she turned her head. Then she looked away from the phone screen and stared at the floor lamp by the bed silently for a while. In the end, she chose to not reply.

When she closed the text message, she saw that she received a new WeChat message.

She instinctively clicked it to find that Tang Huahua sent it to her half an hour ago.

Perhaps Bo He was asleep now, so Tang Huahua didn’t want to disturb her and send any more voice notes. Instead, she sent just one line: “Xiao Yi, it’s almost four in the morning. I’ve finished playing my game, and He Xuezhang is still downstairs.”

“He came out from the car and is leaning on the car, smoking. The trash can beside him is filled with cigarette butts. He smoked them all…”

Under those words was a video.

From the thumbnail, Ji Yi already knew that Tang Huahua was recording He Jichen through the window of the dorm with her phone.

She hesitated for a moment but eventually, she chose to open it.

It was just as Tang Huahua described in her message. There was He Jichen standing in casual clothes against the head of the car, smoking. His movements looked harsh and impatient as he constructed a text with his other hand.

The dorm room was on the second floor, so the picture quality on Tang Huahua’s phone was pretty high. Beside him was a trash can filled with cigarette butts. The various long and short cigarettes formed a small mountain.

His clothes were incredibly wrinkled. It looked like it had been some time since he changed them. His hair was messy and he completely lacked his usual air of elegance.

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