Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 407
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 407
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 407: Ji Yi, let’s talk (7)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

The video was short, so it finished playing shortly after.

But Ji Yi stared at the motionless video for a long time before she came back to her senses and started to read the messages Tang Huahua sent her.

“Xiao Yi, even though I don’t know what happened between you guys, I feel like after you’ve calmed down, you should still contact He Xuezhang and have a good talk with him. After all, it’s not possible to have him wait like this forever.”

“What’s more, Xiao Yi, you’re smarter than I am, so I’m sure you know better than I do that there are some things you just can’t solve by hiding. Besides, you may be able to run from your issues for now, but not forever. If this is going to drag on like this, then why not sort things out now? If you do, Xiao Yi, you’ll realize that you’ll feel a lot more relaxed than you do now.”

Ji Yi forcefully pursed her lips then closed Tang Huahua’s chat. She was just about to close WeChat altogether when she saw a message come in from “Yuguang Ge.”

Just by looking at his name, she became flustered before she even read what he sent.

Ji Yi hesitated for some time before she finally decided to click his message.

“Manman, have you been busy for the past two days? Why haven’t you contacted me?”

“Manman, haven’t you finished filming by now? Have you set a good time to come back to Beijing?”

“Manman, I happen to have business in Beijing in a few day’s time, so when you’ve set a date to come back to Beijing, let me know. I’ll check my schedule and come see you then.”

“Manman, did something happen to you? Why are you not replying to my messages?”

“Manman, I’m really worried about you. If you’re in some kind of trouble, you can always ask me for help. I told you before that you’re never alone – you still have me.”

You’re never alone, you still have me… These were the words he told her when she first felt isolated and helpless on the set of “Three Thousand Lunatics” and when she hurt herself to get back at Qian Ge.

At the time, she was moved as she read those words with a warm heart, but now, she read them with a bone-piercing sense of pain and guilt.

Ji Yi couldn’t read any more of “He Yuguang’s” message, so she tossed her phone aside and pulled the covers over her head.

Yeah… Huahua’s right. I’m trying to avoid the situation, but that won’t solve the problem.

She had to face the music eventually. Even if she had to break it off, it had to be done.

She was afraid that she was destined to pay back Yuguang Ge for his kindness towards her.

Even if their marriage was fake, when she had sex with his younger brother as Yuguang Ge’s wife, it was the same as betraying him. This was the irrefutable truth. How could she ever have the face to continue enjoying his kindness towards her?

Since it was out of her hands now, all she could do was face this cruel situation.

But he was someone who truly treated her well… No matter if it was when they were young, or now, as adults.

Since she already made the decision to go through with it, she knew this was what she had to do. But she still felt horrible about going through with it.

At that thought, Ji Yi balled up, clung onto the pitch-black comforter, and started to cry silently.

How did she fall asleep last night? Ji Yi couldn’t remember in the slightest.

When she woke, the sun outside the window was already shining brightly.

As soon as she thought about the decision she made before she fell asleep, her heart suddenly started to ache.

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