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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 410
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 410: Ji Yi, let’s talk (10)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

At that point, the air in the car became thin.

Gradually, Ji Yi felt like there was a lack of oxygen. Just when her chest started to subtly ache from feeling stifled, the car made an exit. Then it drove around the water fountain in front of the Four Seasons Hotel and stopped right at the entrance of the lobby.

He Jichen only unfastened his seatbelt when Chen Bai, who was standing at the entrance for who knew how long, walked over to them. He pulled the car door open for Ji Yi. “Miss Ji.”

Ji Yi smiled back at Chen Bai and got out of the car.

She stood by the car as He Jichen walked around the front of the car and over towards her. Instead of handing Chen Bai the car keys, He Jichen gave them to the doorman. He turned his head and said to Ji Yi, “I’m going up to take a shower and get changed. Would you like to head over to the teahouse on the second floor with Chen Bai?”

Ji Yi nodded and replied with an “alright.”

He Jichen didn’t say any more.

But then Chen Bai said, “Mr. He, here are your clothes.”

When He Jichen reached out to take them, his eyes met Chen Bai’s for just one moment.

Even though He Jichen’s face didn’t reveal any emotions, Chen Bai knew that he wanted him to watch Miss Ji carefully.

“Mr. He, don’t worry. I’ll take good care of Miss Ji,” replied Chen Bai immediately while discreetly reassuring him with his words.

He Jichen gave a gentle nod and glanced at Ji Yi before leaving with: “Wait for me just a while.” Then he headed into the hotel lobby first.

After He Jichen walked some distance away, Chen Bai then smiled brightly at Ji Yi and said, “Miss Ji, let’s go upstairs.”

Ji Yi let out an “Mhm” as Chen Bai walked into the hotel lobby and rode the elevator up to the second floor.

He Jichen must’ve made prior arrangements as Chen Bai already had seats booked. After they came out of the elevator, the two of them walked right into the tea house without being stopped and sat in a spot in front of the tall windows.

Chen Bai pushed the drink menu over to Ji Yi. “Miss Ji, is there anything you want to drink?”

He Jichen hadn’t arrived yet. Ji Yi shook her head to say “no.”

Chen Bai more or less understood what Ji Yi was thinking, so he shot a smile at the waiter standing next to them. “We’ll order in a bit. Please bring over two glasses of lemon water first.”

“Yes, Mr. Chen.” The waiter nodded with a smile, turned and left.

The lemon water was quickly brought over. Ji Yi picked it up but only drank just a third of it when she heard the soft voice of a nearby waiter. “Mr. He.”

Ji Yi turned her head and coincidentally locked eyes with He Jichen, who just stepped into the teahouse looking for her.

The two of them were slightly dazed. He Jichen was the first to come back to his senses as he walked over.

Chen Bai got up and cried, “Mr. He,” as he set aside a seat for him. After He Jichen sat down, Chen Bai then said, “Mr. He, Pu’er as usual?”

“Mhm,” replied He Jichen softly. Considering Ji Yi was a woman, dark tea was beneficial in warming up the body well, so he added, “Dark Pu’er.”

“Yes.” Chen Bai retreated and shared two words with a waiter nearby. Soon after, the waiter brought over a tea set.

The waiter didn’t help brew the tea – He Jichen brewed it himself.

After the water boiled in the ceramic teapot, Ji Yi realized that in the enormous tea house, there was just her and He Jichen in the tea house. There wasn’t another soul in sight.

Did He Jichen reserve the whole tea house just to chat with me?

Just as these suspicions formed in Ji Yi’s mind, He Jichen pushed the cup of brewed tea in front of her.

“Thank you,” said Ji Yi.

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