Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 414
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 414
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 414: Ah! So, She Was Moved (4)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

“It was a complete misunderstanding. Just like four years ago, I got drunk.”

“So, let’s forget about last night and that night four years ago!”

Ji Yi felt her body go numb. She felt like she might as well die from the pain. I deserve this! Who told me to be half-hearted and care about someone else while liking another person?!

Pretend like it never happened. A complete misunderstanding… That night, He Jichen used all his love and affection on Ji Yi and with her in his arms, he slept the most peaceful sleep he’d had in the past few years. To him, it was a precious night, but to her, it was a mistake she hoped never happened.

What’s more, she said it was just like four years ago… she got drunk… was anything different? Did she mistake me for He Yuguang again?

Ji Yi didn’t reply to his earlier questions, but he didn’t dare ask anymore.

She said to forget it. How could she forget every little thing between them that he started gathering in his heart since watching the silhouette of her back that first time, so many years ago?

As she said this, Ji Yi felt like she was speaking something she knew by heart. “What’s more, you have a woman you like, so it’s best to just pretend like last night didn’t happen.”

The woman I like is her… As that thought surfaced in his mind, He Jichen heard Ji Yi speak again. “If you’re willing, we can continue to be friends, but if you think things will be awkward after what happened, let’s keep our distance as a boss and his employee…”

Keep a distance… he worked so hard to be friends with her, but now everything had to go back to square one?

He wanted to tell her that he liked her… But at Ji Yi’s last few words, he didn’t dare to say anything.

He loved her, but he was afraid to tell her.

He was afraid that after his confession, it would mean farewell. He was afraid that she wouldn’t even give him the chance to be friends… He was just that pathetic. In a world where he loved her, he was a coward, an incredible weakling.

Compared to not having her as his lover, he was more afraid of losing her altogether.

Meanwhile, music had been playing in the tea house all this time.

After the previous song ended, the tea house fell silent for about five seconds, and a new song started. At the same time. the two of them happened to immerse themselves in the familiar melody and lyrics.

The song playing in the tea house was the same song he sang on her birthday: “Within Your Radius.”

As the song reached the lyrics: “It feels stifling, there’s no meaning in forcing it. I’m not considered selfish, and I’m learning ever more that loving you is my business…” He Jichen snapped back to his senses.

That night when they had dinner at Lou Wailou, if he hadn’t happened to stop Fatty, Fatty would’ve already told Ji Yi that she was the “Cola girl” that He Jichen created such an uproar to search for back then.

Fatty asked He Jichen why he didn’t want his secret revealed, and He Jichen said he was afraid that by confessing to her, it might cause trouble for her.

On his journey down a path with Ji Yi, he really had learned more and more. In this very moment, he never thought about forcing her. He knew that it was only his business to love her, yet he still racked his brain for a long time before he said another thing he was holding back. “But that night, I didn’t have protection. You might get pregnant, so do you really…”

He Jichen paused for a moment and after a short while, he finished his sentence. “…not need me to take responsibility?”

Ji Yi shook her head. “Don’t worry. I won’t get pregnant.”

Just as He Jichen was about to say, “what if,” Ji Yi spoke again. “I took the morning after pill.”

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