Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 416
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 416
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 416: Ah! So, She Was Moved (6)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Or… how great would it have been if she and He Jichen had never worked on the same set? That way, she would never have to hurt herself to get revenge on Qian Ge; she would never have seen the dread in his eyes; their relationship would never have improved; she would never have truly understood him; she would never have agreed to go back to how things were; moreover, she would never have developed feelings for him, and they would never have had drunken sex…

If only, and that’s a big “if” …

Ji Yi laid spread out on the bed, crying more and more violently. She cried till her entire body started to twitch and she couldn’t breathe.

As she clutched her chest with her hand, she couldn’t help but tightly grasp onto her clothes. The sheer force she used made her fingertips turn white.

Four Seasons Hotel.

Slightly stunned, Chen Bai stared at Ji Yi’s back as she left in a hurry. After he came back to his senses, the elevator had long reached the first floor.

Why did Miss Ji leave in such a hurry? Did she and Mr. He not manage to talk things through?

A terrible feeling came over Chen Bai as he stood quietly on the spot for some time before he turned around and headed into the tea room.

With Ji Yi gone, there was just He Jichen left in the room. Standing at the entrance, Chen Bai immediately saw He Jichen sitting by the window.

The man’s head was down and half his face was hidden in the shadows, which made it difficult to see his expression. One of his hands was casually hung over a chair, while the other was on the table. His fingers gently held a teacup.

His posture looked serene and Chen Bai couldn’t tell if he was sad or happy.

Chen Bai walked over to him and softly cried, “Mr. He.”

He wasn’t sure if He Jichen was deep in thought or not, but he didn’t reply. His entire body was motionless.

Chen Bai realized that it had been about two or three minutes since he first appeared at the door, walked over to He Jichen, and spoke to him. In all that time, He Jichen was as still as a statue. Not only did his body not flinch in the slightest, but his eyelashes didn’t even blink at all.

Chen Bai tried to call He Jichen again, but seeing as he didn’t make a sound, Chen Bai took two steps back and silently stood beside him.

Time went by slowly, and the sunlight outside the windows became brighter. Seeing as it was almost midday and their reservation was coming to an end, the manager of the tea room walked over to them. “Mr. He, it’s about time. May I ask if we can let other customers in now?”

He Jichen remained just as silent as when Chen Bai first saw him; he didn’t react to the manager’s question, just like how he didn’t react to Chen Bai’s prompting earlier.

“Mr. He…” repeated the manager after he noticed that He Jichen didn’t say anything. This time, before the manager could finish, Chen Bai knew He Jichen wasn’t going to reply to him, so he walked up to the manager and patted his shoulder. Chen Bai pointed out the door, signaling for them to talk.

Chen Bai renegotiated the price with the manager, and after the manager left, Chen Bai didn’t go back into the tea room. Instead, he leaned back against the door frame, pulled out his phone and started playing on it.

The beaming sun slowly transitioned into the red setting sun, then little by little, it fell to the west. Along the way, Chen Bai’s phone ran out of battery, and the manager of the tea room came over twice. Even after night had fallen and neon lights lit up the streets outside the windows, He Jichen maintained his initial, motionless posture.

The lights in the tea room with ancient Chinese furnishings quietly enveloped He Jichen and surrounded his body with a ring of light.

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