Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 418
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 418
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 418: Ah! So, She Was Moved (8)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

“Yuguang Ge, I’m sorry. Something has been wrong with my phone the past two days. It should be fixed now.”

She didn’t want him to know what happened between her and He Jichen because she was afraid the news would be upsetting and hard to take.

After all, they were married and he treated her so well. She couldn’t help but care for his dignity.

Ji Yi thought up an excuse for not keeping in contact the past two days then her fingers continued to type away on the keyboard non-stop.

“I’ve already returned to Beijing. When are you coming? I’m not busy these days, so whenever you’re free…”

As Ji Yi typed this, she started to feel a dull pain in her heart. She even had to stop what she was doing because of the pain in her fingers. After some time, she gritted her teeth and endured the pain as she typed the last few words: “…let’s meet up.”

After she silently left Shanghai two days ago, He Jichen called and texted her so many times. He even asked Cheng Weiwan and other people on the production crew to contact her. He thought she was hiding from only him and not others… yet she didn’t reply to anyone.

If he hadn’t turned up at her hotel entrance and waited for her, he probably still wouldn’t have any news about her.

And yet, she replied to He Yuguang.

Just as he was desperately and helplessly searching for her, he put his final hopes on He Yuguang, hoping that he could find out where she was, considering that he was the person she liked and cared about.

Heaven knew just how conflicted his heart felt when he picked up He Yuguang’s phone to text her. He was afraid she’d reply to He Yuguang and see the difference between him and He Yuguang. He was also afraid that she wouldn’t reply and was worried for her safety.

Deep in Ji Yi’s heart, He Yuguang must be really, really important. She found an excuse to explain why she lost contact with him the past two days and agreed to meet him in Beijing.

But what about me?

In comparison to his conversation with her earlier that afternoon, he learned just how big the difference was between him and He Yuguang in her world.

He was crazy over her in the past. He felt betrayed and hysterically hurt her along with himself. He matured for her and changed, just to stay by her side as a friend. After trying hard for so long, he was never able to reach her side. Did that mean they truly weren’t meant to be together?

He didn’t believe in destiny, but at this very moment, he started to believe it a little.

He really wanted to be with her. If fate meant for Ji Yi to only like He Yuguang, didn’t that mean he could…

A colossal thought unexpectedly came into He Jichen’s mind.

How could I stoop to such a crazy thought?

He only started to act as his older brother to get close to her… Now, he actually wanted to use He Yuguang’s identity to be with her forever.

Do I like her and want to spend my life with her that much?

But it really was a great way.

Even though it was a little hard to take, it would allow him to have her; he could possess her. He could tell her what was on his mind, even if this meant she’d never know that the person who truly loved her was He Jichen, not He Yuguang.

At that thought, He Jichen looked back and stared at the black screen for a moment. Then he unlocked the screen and replied: “I’ll be in Beijing in the next two days.”

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