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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 422
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 422: I Really Love Her, Who I Could Never Be With (2)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

When He Jichen heard Ji Yi say this, he looked down. He gently tapped the keyboard and he sent just one word to her phone: “Mhm.”

That simple word let Ji Yi know that the beautiful scene captivating her was specifically prepared for her.

Ah… Seven years. Seven years had passed, yet Yuguang Ge actually remembered.

All of a sudden, intense emotions bubbled up in her heart. After some time, Ji Yi forced herself to speak. “It’s been so many years – I never thought Yuguang Ge would still remember such a thing.”

It wasn’t He Yuguang who remembered, it was He Jichen… He remembered every little thing about Ji Yi’s younger-self very clearly.

Just like her first year of high school. They weren’t close, but he came home as soon as school ended every day because he knew she would often come to his house.

He actually stayed at home for her, but every time she visited, he pretended that he didn’t care in the slightest and played video games.

When she was at his house, he would pay attention to her every word and movement, so he often overheard her telling Yuguang Ge how she hoped to see a sky covered in sky lanterns. Then he started to search online and found out about Jixian’s sky lantern festival. Since they weren’t close, there was no natural way of inviting her, so he told He Yuguang about it.

On the way back from Jixian, she said that she definitely wanted to see a spectacular view like that again seven years later when she graduated from university.

Even though he didn’t utter a word to her and He Yuguang on the drive, he constantly caught glances of Ji Yi through the side mirror.

He saw He Yuguang gesture to her in sign language: “Okay, I’ll go with you in seven years.”

As He Yuguang couldn’t talk, she understood basic sign language, so she nodded cheerfully and said, “Okay, okay, Yuguang Ge, let’s meet seven years later to watch the sky lanterns together!”

At the time, he really thought the trip was worth it because she was so happy seeing such beautiful scenery. It was only later that he realized her happiness back then was because of He Yuguang’s promise to see it with her.

He Jichen returned from his wandering thoughts and started to type on the phone: “I promised you that we would see the sky lanterns together seven years later, but it was such a shame that many people were burned by Jixian’s sky lanterns a couple years ago. The festival’s been canceled now, so I carried out the promise I made seven years ago to you here.”

Yeah, he really did promise her, but it was a one-sided promise to her that he made deep down inside.

At the time, he watched her chatting to He Yuguang as he drove. He Jichen secretly thought to himself that in seven year’s time, no matter if He Yuguang remembered or not, he would definitely take Ji Yi to see the sky lanterns again.

Seven years later, even if he had to do so under the identity of the man she liked, he fulfilled that seven-year-old promise he made to her.

This time, “He Yuguang”‘s text message was a little long, so Ji Yi took some time to read it.

He remembered such a careless promise he made when they were young, just like… He Jichen. By West Lake, she randomly told him that when women are upset, he should use lipstick to cheer them up. That night when she got drunk, after she told him that he upset her, he really prepared a room filled with lipstick.

Her emotionally touched mood fell to rock bottom when He Jichen suddenly popped into her mind.

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