Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 425
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 425
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 425: I Really Love Her, Who I Could Never Be With (5)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

She really did want to get a divorce with He Yuguang…

Had he not been rejected after telling her that he’d take responsibility just two days ago, he definitely would’ve been happy to hear this decision of hers.

But now, after hearing what she said, he felt an unspeakable sense of panic in his heart.

The only reason he decided to confess to her as He Yuguang was because he was at the end of his rope. After she refused to let him take responsibility, pretended their night together was a mistake, and took the morning-after pill right after their night together to avoid any trouble afterward with him, he didn’t see a world where the two of them could have a future together.

He was willing to pretend to be his older brother for the rest of his life, as long as he could be with her.

But who knew that just as he was willing to genuinely start married life as “He Yuguang” with her, she was going to ask to end her marriage to him.

The more he thought about it, the more He Jichen’s heart grew flustered.

Although he was afraid there was no way for him to be with her, he was even more afraid she would ignore He Jichen. He couldn’t even use He Yuguang’s identity to get close to her now.

He instinctively wanted to change her mind. “Manman, was I lacking in some way?”

Such a clear and simple question almost made Ji Yi’s tears come pouring out.

How’s he lacking? I’m the one who wasn’t good enough. I’m so bad that I’m not worthy of being his wife. I’m not worthy of being by his side, and I’m not worthy of accepting his kindness.

Ji Yi stared at the sky of lanterns with sorrowful eyes and felt so upset that she couldn’t speak. All she could do was endure the bitterness in her heart. She raised her fingers and started to type a message: “No, Yuguang Ge. You’re great. You’re a good person. You treated me very well… really, really, really well.”

“Manman, do you know what the most hurtful thing to say is? It’s to call someone really good but leave them anyway.” He Jichen tightened his lips as he tapped the screen to reply to Ji Yi.

Speechless at the sight of those words, Ji Yi read them for some time before her fingers started to type the words: “I’m sorry.”

If she could help it, Ji Yi really didn’t want to say those words to someone who cared for her, because those words were more hurtful than what she just said. However, all she could say to He Yuguang were just those words.

What’s more, she was really, really, really sorry.

It was just as Ji Yi imagined. When He Jichen saw those words “I’m sorry,” his eyes instantly turned dark.

He wasn’t stupid. He knew the meaning behind “I’m sorry” and what it really meant.

It meant: You’re great, but I still can’t be with you.

When she was young, didn’t she like He Yuguang? Didn’t she quickly agree to He Yuguang’s request to marry her? Didn’t she share everything on her mind with He Yuguang every night?

But why doesn’t she want to be with He Yuguang? Didn’t she spend a night with him in Shanghai?

He Jichen found a glimmer of hope as he quickly typed a line to Ji Yi: “Manman, is there some reason why you want to divorce that’s hard to say?”

Ji Yi, who was staring at her phone all this time, was slightly stunned when she read the line on the screen that hit the nail on the head: “If I said that I don’t mind and I don’t care, could you reconsider divorcing me?”

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