Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 433
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 433
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 433: Did You Come to See Him? (3)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

“There’s a type of love that comes once in a lifetime. You came and I knew. I loved you. I was sure of it.” —— Ye Feiye “Entrapping the God”

The next day was a Monday. Ji Yi got up early to go to school and finish her academic career.

In June, Beijing was hotter by the day, and the sunlight became brighter by the day.

Unwittingly, three weeks had passed since Ji Yi received Chen Bai’s call that night.

In those three weeks, aside from having to file for divorce, Ji Yi and He Yuguang contacted each other only twice. Apart from this, Ji Yi didn’t cross paths with either He Jichen or He Yuguang.

Shooting “Three Thousand Lunatics” took up three months of her time, leaving her with lots of homework to catch up on. The end-of-semester-exams were drawing close, so Ji Yi spent most of her days either studying in the self-studying rooms or finding research material in the library.

In those three weeks, she spent every day doing peacefully ordinary things. Those days were just like the days before she reunited with He Jichen and He Yuguang after waking up from her three-year coma.

Sometimes, when her mind drifted away in class, she would stare at the bright world outside the window and wonder if she really did see He Jichen and He Yuguang the past few months or if it was all part of her imagination.

In the blink of an eye, it was time for the end of semester exams. After completing four exams in two days, it was time for a long break.

When Ji Yi carried the suitcase she packed in advance to the side of the road, waiting for a taxi, she thought back to how similar this was to the time when He Jichen’s car appeared in front of her as she waited for a taxi during winter break.

Back then, their relationship was at its rockiest point because of what happened with Lin Zhengyi. When she saw him, she carried her suitcase over to the opposite side of the road and immediately got on a bus to get away from him.

But today, Ji Yi waited by the curb for almost half an hour, waiting for a taxi, yet He Jichen’s car was nowhere in sight.

Back home, Ji Yi took a shower, laid in bed, and started to make up for the sleep she lost from her intense studying the night before.

It was too hot, so Ji Yi didn’t want to go outside. A while back, she gave in to Tang Huahua’s incessant gaming invitations and finally joined Tang Huahua in playing her MOBA game. Since then, Ji Yi spent practically every day of her break at home playing games in online groups with Tang Huahua.

Just as Ji Yi thought she was going to spend her entire break geeking out, she got a call, inviting her out for afternoon tea.

The call was from Cheng Weiwan, whom she hadn’t seen since filming for “Three Thousand Lunatics” wrapped up.

In actuality, during their three months of filming “Three Thousand Lunatics,” the two of them became somewhat close; in the final month when Ji Yi and He Jichen got closer and Cheng Weiwan and He Jichen’s relationship wasn’t bad, the three of them often had dinner together. She and Cheng Weiwan were woman of about the same age, so they got along pretty easily.

Cheng Weiwan invited her out to reminisce about their past but also to talk business.

Since they agreed to meet up, Cheng Weiwan didn’t chat on the phone in detail. All she said was that it was about a new drama. They then set a time and place to meet and hung up.

There was still three hours before the two of them planned to meet, so Ji Yi wasn’t in too much of a hurry. She laid in bed and played two matches with Tang Huahua before she got up to use the bathroom.

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