Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 44
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 44
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 44: Somewhere in Plain Sight (4)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

As time flashed by He Jichen’s mind, his thoughts were dragged back to four years ago.

It was a weekend. There were no classes in the afternoon or evening. With the class president’s permission, the class council organized a dinner party to mark the end of their senior high life.

At first with the teacher around, nobody drank, but as soon as the teacher left, the guys in the class called the waiter and ordered a couple of cases of beer.

Farewells are inevitably sad. The room full of classmates didn’t hold back as everyone’s cups were filled with beer.

Everyone forgot all the sorrows of the past three years as they chatted about the good times. Their beers were quickly finished. In the end, practically everyone, including himself, had way too much to drink.

The guys in the class were obviously a drunken mess, but they continued to drink bottle after bottle.

With his head already spinning, he was afraid that he’d blackout, so he found an excuse to leave the room and go to the bathroom.

He washed his face, which slightly woke him up a little. He stood in the hallway and pulled out a cigarette. He was just about to light it when he saw Ji Yi stagger out from the women’s restroom.

His finger paused on the lighter. Before he could speak, she flashed him a bright smile then sashayed over to him.

She was obviously drunk since she couldn’t even stand up straight. Her body swayed from side to side. He was so afraid she’d fall over that he reached his hand out to support her.

Once she was steady, she tried hard to tiptoe and bring her face to his. After carefully checking him up and down as though she was trying to figure out who he was, the corner of her lips formed a goofy smile.

She giggled as she let out a hiccup and mumbled the word “He.” Then, she lifelessly threw herself into his arms.

He knew that she’d passed out.

The hotel was above the restaurant, so he called a waiter to help him book a room. He grabbed the room key and carried her upstairs.

He put her on the bed, pulled the covers over her, and prepared to leave. However, she drunkenly reached her arms out and hugged his neck.

He tried to pull her arms off a few times but failed. He was afraid to hurt her, so he didn’t dare use force. Not to mention, this was the first time he’d ever gotten so close to her. He gave up struggling and let her hold him.

Having just turned of age, he really didn’t think of doing anything with her. Coincidentally, she also just turned of age.

At most, he imagined that the two of them could innocently lay in bed together fully dressed and sleep all night.

Yet he underestimated her sex appeal and overestimated his level of self-control with her.

How it started… he couldn’t exactly remember because he had as much to drink as she did.

Maybe he made the first move by reaching over to her neck and slowly stroking her, or maybe she was responsible by grabbing his waist with her outstretched arms. Maybe they both wanted each other at the same time.

In short, when he came to, their clothes were already stripped bare.

In that moment, how could he possibly still have his senses intact after seeing her naked, fair skin? With no hesitation at all, he lowered his head and kissed her hard on her lips.

They were very quiet. It wasn’t until he entered her body that she let out a low shriek of pain.

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