Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 448
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 448
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 448: I’ll Take You Back Home (8)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

After He Jichen hung up, he put the cigarette in the corner of his mouth and took a drag. When he slowly blew out a cloud of smoke, he looked out his car window and stared at the tall building nearby. Through the smoke, his gaze fell on the illuminated window of his apartment.

After staring for such a long time, He Jichen only blinked when his phone rang. He slowly withdrew his gaze as his eyes swept over his phone screen. It was someone from the company calling – they were probably rushing him to come back. He didn’t pick up the call. He snapped the cigarette between his fingers and stepped on the gas as he slowly drove away.

When the door opened again, Ji Yi thought it was He Jichen returning from seeing Dr. Xia out. Her body instinctively tensed up before she heard Zhang Sao’s voice: “Miss Ji.”

Ji Yi was stunned for a moment but after two seconds, she raised her head to see that it was just Zhang Sao on her own.

She assumed He Jichen was still talking to Dr. Xia outside. Ji Yi smiled back at her. “Zhang Sao.”

Before He Jichen left, he gave Zhang Sao many sets of instructions; she remembered each one by heart. She waited for Ji Yi to finish changing her shoes and step into the living room before she immediately carried out what He Jichen asked her to do. “Miss Ji, are you hungry now? Shall I whip up some supper for you?”

Ji Yi shook her head.

Zhang Sao thought about what He Jichen said – if Ji Yi wasn’t hungry, make her a cup of hot milk to help her sleep instead. “Then Miss Ji, shall I prepare a hot cup of milk? After you drink it, you’ll sleep a little better.”

Ji Yi hesitated for a moment then gently nodded.

Zhang Sao smiled brightly and replied, “Miss Ji, please wait for a moment,” then she headed into the dining room.

After Zhang Sao emerged from the dining room carrying a cup of hot milk, the apartment door still showed no other signs of being pushed open.

Are He Jichen and Dr. Xia actually chatting outside for this long?

“Miss Ji, your milk.” Zhang Sao stopped at Ji Yi’s side and handed her the cup of milk.

Ji Yi came back to her senses and thanked her. After she took the cup, she raised it to her lips and took a small sip. Seeing as the door still didn’t move in the slightest, Ji Yi couldn’t help but ask in bewilderment, “Is he… and Dr. Xia still chatting outside?”

Zhang Sao paused for a moment and realized that the “he” Ji Yi was referring to was He Jichen. Then she said, “When I came in, Mr. He already left.”

So, He Jichen left long ago… then those two phone calls earlier… One was to Dr. Xia and the other was to Zhang Sao?

He specifically called Zhang Sao over to take care of me?

Ji Yi held the cup of milk silently while deep in thought. Beside her, Zhang Sao noticed that she didn’t react at all, so she added, “Mr. He said he had some work to do at the office, so he called me over to take good care of you.”

Things really are as I thought… Ji Yi’s heart suddenly skipped a beat and her fingertips couldn’t help but tighten around the cup of milk. Then she felt her own heart start to race uncontrollably.

In the past, she was in the same situation but at the time, she didn’t understand that they were signs that she was emotionally touched by He Jichen. Now, she understood what they meant, but she was afraid… She was afraid she’d fall deeper, and that after making their relationship clear, this would make matters messy again.

With that thought, Ji Yi took a hard gulp as she tried her best to suppress the pounding of her heart. Then she replied to Zhang Sao with an “Oh,” before raising the cup and downing the milk.

After putting the cup on the table, Ji Yi left Zhang Sao with the words: “I’m going to get some rest now.” Without waiting for a reply, she got up and walked into He Jichen’s bedroom.

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