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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 449
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 449: I’ll Take You Back Home (9)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Throughout the night, Ji Yi tossed and turned in He Jichen’s bed for a long time before she could fall asleep.

When she woke, the sunlight from outside the windows was shining over the entire floor.

Ji Yi sat up and glanced at the pile of neatly folded clothes by the bedside along with some unopened toiletries.

Ji Yi knew Zhang Sao must’ve snuck in while she slept.

She reached for her phone and checked the time – it was already approaching twelve in the afternoon. She yanked off the covers and got out of bed to use the bathroom.

After she came out, Ji Yi wasn’t in a hurry to change, so she first removed the bandages as instructed by Dr. Xia last night.

While she was at it, she glanced at the wound, which looked like it was healing up.

After she got changed, Ji Yi walked over to the bedroom door. Just as she pulled the door open, she smelled the alluring aroma of rice.

It had been almost fourteen hours since the events of last night. During this time, all Ji Yi had to eat or drink was a cup of milk. She was truly hungry, so she hurriedly entered the dining room.

Zhang Sao immediately greeted her enthusiastically and beckoned for her to take a seat, then she served some food on the table.

The swelling of Ji Yi’s face hadn’t subsided, so she couldn’t go outside. After having lunch, she snuggled on the sofa as she had nothing better to do. She grabbed her phone and asked Tang Huahua to start a party in their game.

But the second before she was about to send Tang Huahua a message, she thought about Cheng Weiwan and Han Zhifan. Then she hurriedly exited WeChat, found Cheng Weiwan’s phone number and called her.

When Ji Yi called, Han Zhifan was already awake and surrounded by doctors examining him.

Cheng Weiwan walked out of the patient room and tapped a button to take the call. She chatted with Ji Yi for a little then hurriedly hung up.

As she put her phone away, Cheng Weiwan immediately pushed open the patient door. Just as she walked in, the doctors surrounding Han Zhifan dispersed. One of the middle-aged doctors in charge of Han Zhifan saw Cheng Weiwan enter and he took off his face mask. “Mr. Han has recovered back to normal now. He has to stay for one more day, but if no other issues arise, he can be discharged tomorrow.”

Cheng Weiwan nodded to say that she understood and she gave her thanks.

After the row of doctors left the room, Cheng Weiwan walked over to Han Zhifan’s bedside.

Han Zhifan’s head was bandaged up. Even though he was awake now, he was exhausted because he lost a lot of blood. After being examined by all the doctors, he shut his eyes, intending to get some rest until he sensed someone drawing closer. Then he slowly opened his eyes to see that Cheng Weiwan was walking over to him.

Their eyes met. Cheng Weiwan originally wanted to sit down, but she suddenly stopped still.

The two of them looked at one another for no more than three seconds when Cheng Weiwan hurriedly lowered her eyes. She looked away from Han Zhifan’s eyes and sat in the chair by his bed where she watched over him during the night. Then she opened her mouth and said in a gentle voice, “How do you feel now?”

“Pretty good,” replied Han Zhifan casually as though he wasn’t the one injured last night.

Cheng Weiwan pursed her lips when she heard that. She lowered her head and stared at the phone in her hands for some time. Then she asked the question on her mind since last night: “Why did you do it?”

“There were clearly several people there. You could’ve called the police or called for help. Why did you have to take them on alone?”

A pale-faced Han Zhifan stared straight at Cheng Weiwan for quite some time before saying, “Because I like you.”

Cheng Weiwan’s fingertips trembled as her phone almost slid and fell to the ground.

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