Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 450
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 450
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 450: I’ll Take You Back Home (10)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

The patient room was engulfed in silence.

Han Zhifan’s line of sight never left Cheng Weiwan, who had her head lowered.

The sunlight outside the window shone unusually brightly. He stared at her messy head for a long time then spoke again with a far more serious tone than before. “Wanwan, I really do like you. I’ve liked you since the first time I laid eyes on you. I’ve never felt so serious about a girl before. This is the first time, so Wanwan… Will you be my girlfriend?”

Nobody had ever confessed to Cheng Weiwan before. Come to think of it, this was her first time.

In the face of his request, she felt a little helpless and held her head even lower. A light red blush swept across her face and neck.

Seeing as she didn’t say anything for some time, Han Zhifan said, “Maybe if you want to find a boyfriend one day, you’ll consider me?”

Because she was nervous, Cheng Weiwan instinctively tightened her grip on her phone. After about three seconds, she raised her head and swiftly glanced at Han Zhifan. Then she put her head down and let out a soft “Mhm.”

She didn’t wait for Han Zhifan to speak and said, “You haven’t eaten anything after being unconscious for so long; you must be hungry. I’ll go buy you some food.”

After she said this, Cheng Weiwan bolted up and ran out of the patient room.

Soon after the door closed, Cheng Weiwan returned. Without daring to glance over at Han Zhifan on the bed, she grabbed her handbag and ran out of the room.

The patient room fell completely silent. Han Zhifan stared at the seat where Cheng Weiwan was just sitting. He reached for his phone by the bed and made a call.

Soon enough, the phone was picked up. “Lin Sheng, it’s done. Send the money to the guys. Remember, you have to tell them to act as though nothing happened,” said Han Zhifan.

Over the phone, Lin Sheng didn’t say anything for some time.

“Lin Sheng?” prompted Han Zhifan.

“Mr. Han, I…” stammered Lin Sheng before it fell quiet for a few seconds. Then he continued to say, “…Mr. Han, I heard from those guys last night that they took things too far. Just a little bit more and they would’ve really had her… Wasn’t this a little cruel? After all, Cheng Weiguo’s in the wrong, not his daughter…”

Han Zhifan looked like he heard a funny joke as there was a taunting tilt in his brows. “Cruel? That was cruel? Then what about Lili? What do you call what happened to Lili?”

Lin Sheng suddenly fell silent.

Han Zhifan didn’t wait for him to speak as he continued to say sternly, “Lin Sheng, do as I say!”

“Yes, Mr. Han. I’ll handle it.”

From Cheng Weiwan’s report, Han Zhifan had already woken up and was no longer in danger. Only then did Ji Yi relax and feel at ease to play games with Tang Huahua.

On the third round, Tang Huahua suddenly put her phone down.

Ji Yi sent her a few messages in the game, but seeing as she was ignored, Ji Yi exited the game and entered WeChat to find Tang Huahua.

Before Ji Yi could send a message, Tang Huahua beat her to it. “Xiao Yi, look! This is definitely explosive news from the entertainment industry!”

Following this, several screenshots popped onto her phone screen.

No matter how big the news, it can wait till after the game’s finished… Ji Yi was just about to tell Tang Huahua to finish playing the game first when she saw the familiar words “YC” on the screen.

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