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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 451
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 451: An Overnight Sensation (1)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

YC… isn’t that He Jichen’s company?

Don’t tell me Tang Huahua’s explosive news has something to do with He Jichen?

All of a sudden, Ji Yi couldn’t care less about her unfinished game as she immediately opened the screenshot and started to read.

It was a Weibo post from a verified user who often posted about all different types of entertainment news: “Unofficial news reveals that an unknown female celebrity will become the first artist to sign under YC Corp, the company which was single-handedly founded by the talented director, He Jichen.”

It was just a simple sentence. Below that were comments guessing who the female celebrity signed under YC could be. Ji Yi skimmed through the names of female celebrities; if they weren’t A-list celebrities, then they were famous celebrities or relatively popular celebrities.

She already signed a contract with YC in front of He Jichen long ago when they discussed the contract for “Three Thousand Lunatics” – it was just that this piece of news had remained under wraps until now. Could someone have let the word out and leaked the information?

Ji Yi pondered it for two seconds before she checked Tang Huahua’s other screenshots.

“The queen of TV dramas, Jiang Xinxin, ended her contract three days ago with Huanyi Entertainment. Yesterday, she had a three-hour-long meeting with the “Three Thousand Lunatics” director, He Jichen, over coffee. They looked like they were discussing signing with YC.”

There were even photo attachments underneath the text. Even if the photo wasn’t clear, Ji Yi could still tell that the man in the picture was He Jichen and the woman sitting opposite him with the baseball cap and remarkable body was Jiang Xinxin.

“During the Anrui Charity Gala, the box office queen, Lin Shiyi, was talking non-stop with the famous director, He Jichen. After the party, the two of them met in the restaurant downstairs and talked for four hours. Reports tell us that Lin Shiyi and her current management contract will end next month.”

There were nine whole photos beneath this Weibo post. Compared to the previous screenshot, these were a lot clearer, which not only caught their faces but also clearly caught He Jichen and Lin Shiyi’s facial expressions.

All but one of the screenshots was similar – this one had a different female celebrity in it. It was Chen Wanlin, the two-time winner of the White Flower best actress award, personally traveling to YC Corp.

The popularity of several of these female celebrities was astonishing. They had enormous fan bases, they usually walked down the red carpet, and a couple casual photos of them would pop up in the top searches list from time to time. Even photos secretly taken of Lin Shiyi without make-up walking down the street would linger on the hot searches for a whole day and night.

Now that these female celebrities were suspected of signing on with YC, it was no wonder Tang Huahua said that it was explosive news… It’d be odd if it wasn’t explosive with so many female celebrities mentioned altogether!

With that thought, Ji Yi immediately exited WeChat and opened Weibo.

It was just as she imagined – the top searches on Weibo were practically all about that news: “Chen Wanlin YC,” “Lin Shiyi, He Jichen,” “Jiang Xinxin New Management”…

Five minutes ago, an insider leaked the fact that YC was only planning to sign one female artist.

It was difficult to not compare when several big-shot female celebrities were bunched together. If their fans weren’t defending their idol, they were replying to haters of their idol. To get involved, some verified users started polls like “Who will become YC Corp’s first artist?” causing fans to participate more fiercely than before. In a moment, was Weibo completely revolving around the topic: “Which female celebrity will be signed by the hottest, talented director He Jichen?”

I’m already an artist signed under YC, but the news that just came out doesn’t have anything to do with me…

Could it be that He Jichen’s recently been planning to sign other artists?

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