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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 452
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 452: An Overnight Sensation (2)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Any one of these female artists was better than she was by a hundred times – no, a thousand times. He Jichen was hot right now, so if he was able to sign one of them, they’d undoubtedly be a strong team… To be associated with YC as a company in addition to He Jichen could provide anyone with the best prospects.

But when he first signed her, he told her she would be the only artist signed under YC…

But that was over two months ago. Aside from learning that she was booked to take on the role as the female lead for the new drama “The Unstable, Grand Tang” that Cheng Weiwan told her about, the company hadn’t given her any other jobs. She hadn’t even met a manager…

Could it be that something changed after He Jichen promised her?

Ji Yi’s mood instantly plummeted.

She stared at her phone screen filled with conversations on Weibo without the least bit of interest and ended up closing the app.

There was a new message notification for her on WeChat.

Ji Yi casually clicked it. It was a whole series of messages from Tang Huahua.

“He Xuezhang 1 is simply amazing! He’s actually going to sign an A-list celebrity!”

“Ah! I like so many female celebrities! One of them is Lin Siyi. I hope He Xuezhang ends up signing her!”

“Jiang Xinxin is good too. What to do? Xiao Yi, I can’t decide!”


“Xiao Yi, come come come! Log into the game and play with me!”

There were about ten minutes between her final message and her first message. Tang Huahua must’ve already finished going through the latest entertainment news; her excitement over the news must’ve died down and she was now distracted by the game.

Ji Yi wasn’t in the mood to play anymore, yet she was afraid her mind would wander if she had nothing to do, so she logged into the game.

Maybe it was because her mind was preoccupied or maybe she was just bad at the game, but she played particularly poorly. She died a total of eighteen times in one match.

Ji Yi stared at her “2.0” score and felt even worse. She rejected Tang Huahua’s next game invite and replied “busy with something” then tossed her phone aside.

The premiere for “Three Thousand Lunatics” was being shown today at eight in the evening.

After dinner, Ji Yi was glued to the TV.

Having gone through post-production, “Three Thousand Lunatics” was aesthetically beautiful and the scenes looked impeccable, the soundtrack was magnificent, and the scenes were edited to be compact yet orderly and logical so the pacing was good. Just two episodes were enough to push the drama to the top of everyone’s minds, grabbing everyone’s attention.

In the evening, Zhang Sao was free, so seeing as Ji Yi was watching TV, she decided to join her. After watching the latest episode, Zhang Sao couldn’t help but ask Ji Yi about the story.

After chatting to Zhang Sao till about half-past ten, Ji Yi drank some hot milk and headed back to the bedroom. She laid in bed and opened Weibo out of habit.

Perhaps it was because “Three Thousand Lunatics” was showing that Ji Yi’s fanbase, which was usually stagnant, actually increased by two hundred percent that night.

The hot searches list was still taken over by the news of YC signing a new artist, but “Three Thousand Lunatics” actually made it onto the list too.

Most of the comments were from fans admiring the female lead, Qian Ge, along with the male lead, Cheng Yi. There were also quite a few random viewers who complimented the story. Ji Yi flipped through about three hundred or so pages before she finally read something about herself. They probably couldn’t remember her real name, so they only mentioned her character’s name when they said: “Princess Qingyang is so beautiful.”

When she closed Weibo, Ji Yi couldn’t help but check a discussion on who might be the next female artist to sign with YC. She glanced at the statistics to see that the total number of voters had reached twenty million.

But underneath the Weibo statistics, the blogger still made a new post.

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