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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 453
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 453: An Overnight Sensation (3)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

It was twenty-five past nine in the evening.

The post read: “Insider reveals that YC has the copyrights to “Jiuchong Palace” and the TV drama has already started to raise funds. This time, the female artist YC signs will most likely be the female lead on “Jiuchong Palace.”

The female lead to “Jiuchong Palace”… When He Jichen first signed Ji Yi, she saw the licensing contract for “Jiuchong Palace.”

She always assumed that after she signed with YC, her first series would be “Jiuchong Palace,” but two days ago, Cheng Weiwan gave her the script for “The Unstable, Grand Tang” instead. Could it be that the situation wasn’t as Cheng Weiwan described? Ji Yi wasn’t assigned to train her acting skills with another series first, but in actuality, they already had a female lead cast for “Jiuchong Palace”?

Ji Yi was feeling better after she watched “Three Thousand Lunatics,” but now she suddenly felt down.

She was afraid that the more Weibo posts she read, the more upset she’d feel, so she switched her phone off and laid in bed with her eyes shut.

Like the night before, she laid on He Jichen’s bed, tossing and turning for a long time before forcing herself to sleep.

She didn’t sleep well and wasn’t able to wake up naturally like the night before either. Instead, she slept for no more than an hour before she woke up again.

Ji Yi laid in bed uncomfortably then eventually pulled off the covers and hopped out of bed. She wanted to walk to the kitchen to pour a cup of water. When she walked to the door and cracked it open a little, she heard Zhang Sao whispering outside.

Ji Yi couldn’t quite hear her clearly from upstairs. After hearing nothing after Zhang Sao finished speaking, she realized Zhang Sao was on the phone. Ji Yi pulled the door open and quietly crept over.

As she reached the banister, Ji Yi glanced downstairs into the living room. Zhang Sao was sitting on the sofa with her back facing her and a phone to her ear. “Miss Ji went to bed at ten something…” she said.

Miss Ji… is she talking about me?

Ji Yi suddenly stopped in her tracks.

She didn’t know what the person said on the other side, but Zhang Sao respectfully said, “… the wound is healing just fine, but the swelling in her face hasn’t completely gone down yet…”

“…I have. I gave Miss Ji an egg to disperse the bruising… I have. I applied the medicine… Yes, I’ll go into the bedroom to check on Miss Ji later to see if she’s scratched the wound…”

“… Miss Ji’s in a good mood. She slept from last night all the way till twelve in the afternoon. After lunch, she started to play games and watched Three Thousand Lunatics last night… Mhm, Mr. He, don’t worry. I’ll take good care of Miss Ji… Then Mr. He, if there’s nothing else, I’ll hang up first… Goodbye, Mr. He.”

Ji Yi realized it was He Jichen on the other line from the two words Zhang Sao said at the end: “Mr. He.”

She instinctively glanced at the grandfather clock in the living room. It was already almost one in the morning, yet He Jichen wasn’t asleep yet.

From Zhang Sao’s lengthy reply, she could tell that He Jichen was asking about her situation. Was he worried about her?

No, he had Zhang Sao watching over her so she didn’t scratch like crazy after her wound healed. This wasn’t “worrying,” this was “caring”…

So, even after what happened between them in Shanghai, even though she rejected his offer to take responsibility and although they hadn’t kept in contact for a month, he still cared about her…

Zhang Sao hung up the phone and got up.

Ji Yi was afraid Zhang Sao would turn around and see her. She quickly put that thought to rest and retreated a few steps back into the bedroom.

Ji Yi laid back in bed, but she wasn’t sleepy anymore. Staring out at the night sky outside, she eventually did manage to sleep. However, she wasn’t asleep for long when the phone by her pillow started to ring.

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