Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 454
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 454
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 454: An Overnight Sensation (4)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

She reached for her phone and glanced at the screen. It was Tang Huahua calling.

It was only seven in the morning – why was Tang Huahua calling her?

Ji Yi had a headache from being so sleepy. She swiped her phone screen and picked up the call with a lifeless “Hello” then heard Tang Huahua shrieking from the other side: “Ji Yi! You’re really something, huh?! Something so big happened, yet you actually kept it a secret from me!”

Ji Yi was a little groggy, so she didn’t understand what Tang Huahua was talking about.

Before she even opened her mouth to ask Tang Huahua what she meant, Tang Huahua sounded oddly excited over the phone as she said, “You know… I was gaming all night long then before I went to sleep, I casually glanced at Weibo. Just a glance… then I saw your name right at the top of the hot searches! And to think I even shared such explosive news with you last night… I bet you already knew everything!”

“Stop stop stop …” interrupted Ji Yi, completely confused. “…Huahua, what’re you talking about?”

“Xiao Yi, you’re still pretending now?! I was just messing with you when I said ‘you really are something’! I know you guys had to keep the contract a secret, but now that YC announced it, you don’t have to pretend with me!”

Ji Yi hadn’t quite come to her senses. Tang Huahua’s ecstatic voice instantly softened up over the phone: “Xiao Yi, you’re about to shoot to the top! Don’t forget about me! Even if it’s for a minor role like a tea-serving maid and even if there are no lines, that’s fine with me! You have to remember to support me… Xiao Yi…”

As Tang Huahua acted all cute, Ji Yi slowly came to.

Tang Huahua said YC made a public announcement and that her name made it to the top of the hot searches. That means there’s news about me on Weibo?

A second later, Ji Yi opened Weibo.

It was just as Tang Huahua said – once she opened the hot searches, the first two words to pop into view were “Ji Yi.”

Ji Yi hesitated for a second before clicking it. The topic was: YC official account announces their first signed female artist. It’s not an A-list female celebrity, nor a popular actress, but Princess Qingyang, Ji Yi, from “Three Thousand Lunatics.”

The first Weibo post underneath the topic was from YC’s official account with her headshot underneath.

This topic had been hyped up for a whole day and night and so many famous female celebrities were dragged into it, so there was lots of enthusiasm over it. Now that she’d been officially announced as a signed female artist at YC, she suddenly gained almost ten million followers in the few short hours while she was away. After she refreshed the page, her numbers endlessly skyrocketed, gaining thousands of followers every so often.

“Xiao Yi? Xiao Yi?” cried Tang Huahua over the phone call that was still connected.

Ji Yi snapped back to reality. “I’m not very clear on the details myself…”

She didn’t wait for Tang Huahua to speak before she piped up again. “Huahua, I’m hanging up first. Call you back later.”

After she hung up the phone, Ji Yi reread everything about herself on Weibo then clicked on her own Weibo page.

She rarely posted on Weibo; even when she did post, nobody replied to her.

The latest Weibo post was still the MVP trophy pic she earned playing with Tang Huahua two days ago. Last night, there were only thirteen comments, one of which was an advert. But now, there were over a million.

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