Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 455
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 455
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 455: An Overnight Sensation (5)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Even her “likes” broke five million.

Overnight, she woke up to actually become this famous.

This all came too suddenly. Ji Yi abruptly pinched her thigh and felt a piercing pain. That was when she knew she wasn’t dreaming. This was all real.

She wasn’t stupid; she knew she couldn’t have become famous out of nowhere. If the events of yesterday hadn’t happened then even if YC announced she was the first female artist to be signed, it might not have grabbed everyone’s attention.

Jiang Xinxin, Lin Siyi, Chen Wanlin… someone used their popularity yesterday to stir commotion and arouse everyone’s attention and curiosity, so after the truth came out today in YC’s announcement, Ji Yi became the focal point.

So, those insanely famous A-listers were nothing but floor mats, and the true spotlight really ended up landing on her.

As these thoughts drifted through her mind, Ji Yi couldn’t help but tighten her fingers around her phone.

This meant that He Jichen never intended on signing any other female artist from the beginning. Yesterday, the explosive news on Weibo was just to hype things up for her.

And he purposefully decided to release the breaking news on the same day “Three Thousand Lunatics” was released; it was all to quickly present her to the world and make them pay attention to her performance as Princess Qingyang. This way, if her acting skills were great, it would prevent everyone from remembering the character Princess Qingyang, but instead, they would remember the actress, Ji Yi, playing Princess Qingyang.

Yesterday, when she saw those news articles, she thought He Jichen abandoned her and was going to collaborate with other female celebrities.

So… Not only did he not forget about his promise to her, but he even gave her such an enormous, pleasant surprise!

Because she misunderstood He Jichen yesterday, she felt a tinge of guilt overcome her heart.

She remembered how she incidentally overheard Zhang Sao when she couldn’t sleep and went to get a cup of water in the middle of the night.

Even though things ended badly in Shanghai, he’s still this attentive towards me…

Ji Yi’s heart started to race uncontrollably. She didn’t know what was wrong with her. All of a sudden, she really wanted to call He Jichen.

With that thought, her fingers opened her contact list and found He Jichen’s number. She didn’t realize what she was actually doing as her fingertips pressed the call button.

The phone rang three times before it was picked up.

He Jichen picked up, but it wasn’t clear if he’d been woken up by the call, or if he was thinking about something else as he hesitated for a moment before saying, “Xiao Yi?”

When she heard his voice, Ji Yi turned her head in a daze and glanced at her phone. Then she slowly realized that she actually did call He Jichen.

“What’s wrong? Xiao Yi? Does your wound hurt?” He Jichen spoke without first waiting for Ji Yi to speak.

Compared to the composed voice he had when he first picked up the phone, he suddenly sounded quite impatient.

As his voice dropped, she hadn’t made a peep when she heard him cry “Dr. Xia” from the other line.

“He Jichen…” said Ji Yi hurriedly as she realized that He Jichen misunderstood.

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