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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 458
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 458: An Overnight Sensation (8)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Ji Yi stared at the sleeping He Jichen for some time before the heaviness in her chest gradually dispersed.

The air conditioning was a little strong in the room and one of He Jichen’s legs were sticking out. Ji Yi’s mood improved slightly as she took a step forward and stood by the side of the bed. Then she bent over and pulled the corner of the comforter to gently cover He Jichen’s leg.

Before she could straighten up, the door opened. Ji Yi turned to see Chen Bai walk in with a stack of forms and a bag.

Chen Bai didn’t realize Ji Yi was in the room, so when he saw Ji Yi after nonchalantly taking a few steps into the room, he suddenly came to a halt.

Ji Yi called him on her way over to ask for He Jichen’s room number, so Chen Bai knew she was going to come. After less than a second, he returned to normal and greeted her, “Miss Ji, you’re here?”

Ji Yi gently nodded, straightened up, and took a few steps back. Then she asked in a quiet voice, “What did the doctor say?”

Chen Bai knew Ji Yi was asking about He Jichen’s condition. As he walked over to the bedside, he replied, “He’s a bit malnourished and now he’s burning up pretty badly. The doctor recommends that he stay in the hospital on a drip to get some rest for a few days.”

He Jichen had a servant at home and an assistant at the office. There were people hired to prepare three meals a day for him, so how could he be malnourished?

Ji Yi was a little surprised. “Malnourished?”

“Yeah.” Chen Bai put the medicine and forms on the coffee table. “Last month, when I called you to tell you that I couldn’t find Mr. He, I took him home from the bar later that night, right? The next day when he woke up, Mr. He headed straight to the office. Ever since that day, he’s been like a crazy person, working hard every day. Come to think of it, out of the twenty-four hours in a day, he spends at least eighteen hours at the office. On some occasions he even spends as much as twenty-three hours there; he’s like a tireless robot. His appetite hasn’t been great since he’s barely been eating anything. Sometimes, aside from tea and coffee, he won’t eat a thing. For the past two days, he’s been staying at the office, so this ended up happening today…”

From when Chen Bai went to look for me till now, it’s been almost a month. For the past month, has He Jichen spent every day like this?

Ji Yi listened with a slightly pale face. When she spoke, there was a slight tremble in her voice. “Has he been spending the past month like this?”

“Yeah, like this…”

Chen Bai answered casually, but upon hearing his response, Ji Yi’s body swayed gently.

Chen Bai noticed Ji Yi’s subtle response and glanced over at He Jichen on the bed. His pupils turned bright as he had a sudden thought.

After that night in Shanghai, he didn’t know what Mr. He and Miss Ji talked about in the tea house at the Four Season’s hotel, but he was certain that Mr. He cared about Miss Ji.

In the past month, when he went to the office to get Mr. He’s signature, he often saw He Jichen staring at a photo in a daze. Chen Bai would have to call him a few times before he snapped to his senses.

A few days ago, Chen Bai entered Mr. He’s office while he was in the bathroom. The photo he often held was slipped in the pages of a book on the desk.

Simply out of curiosity, he pulled out the photo and caught a glimpse of it. That was when he realized that the photo Mr. He often stared at was a photo of Miss Ji.

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