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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 46
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 46: Somewhere in Plain Sight (6)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Even if four years had passed, he still didn’t have the courage to recollect the words she said that night.

But even so, he could clearly feel his raw heart start to ache at the thought of what happened that night.

Did you know?

In the passing years, only once have I loved a person deeply.

Unbeknownst to her, I have quietly, quietly come to her side.

Maybe it was because she was at He Jichen’s house for too long that she ended up sleeping again when she got back to the dorm. The next day, Ji Yi was awake before it was even light out.

She was afraid to wake the others up in the dorm, so she laid in bed and played on her phone. Ji Yi opened Weibo, but before she could read the headlines, an older article grabbed her attention. It read, “Casting for director Liang Wenxin’s new movie has officially started”.

Ji Yi couldn’t resist clenching her fingers tightly as her mind involuntarily wandered to the events of four years ago.

Four years ago, she returned a lot sooner to Beijing from Sucheng than planned because of He Jichen. Some good came from this as she bumped into a talent scout in the airport the very same day she arrived in Beijing.

At first, she thought he was a con artist, but one week later, the scout actually called her to invite her to a screen test.

She didn’t have much to do that summer after college entrance exams, and since she liked to act so much that she wrote that she aspired to go to B-film on her college application, she didn’t hesitate to agree to the screen test over the phone.

After the screen test ended, Ji Yi went home. The next day, she got a call from the production team, telling her that she was chosen by the director for the role as the supporting actress for Infinite Grace .

And so, she spent the first month of the semester on the production set.

Infinite Grace was released around the country in November. Well-known directors, and the A-list male and female celebrity from this movie quickly became popular all over China.

Of course, it was surprising for the supporting female actress to also gain fame.

Someone once said that her outstanding looks only came once every ten years. Another said that a natural talent for acting was in her bones, and every frown and smile of hers could be considered acting. The next screen queen of the entertainment industry was going to be the legendary Ji Yi.

In short, she became an overnight sensation. By the end of November, she was invited to be the female lead for a big production historical drama titled The Queens.

In April of the second year, The Queens became a popular show. As the female lead, she became the focus of millions of people’s attention. Commercials, endorsements, television dramas… the offers came pouring in one after the other. She was even approached by investment companies who wanted to invest in an office for her…

At the time, her future really was limitless, her name was honourable, and her career was a success.

But just as she finished negotiations for an office of her own, finally established a name for herself and signed on to a new film, she suddenly got into a car accident, which made her slip into a three-year-long coma.

At the time, although she was still hot on the scene, she had only just entered the entertainment industry and hadn’t quite found her feet. What’s more, the industry was not short of newcomers.

So, the unbound glory of her past disappeared without a trace, like dispersed clouds during her deep slumber. Ji Yi, an entertainment industry legend, suddenly vanished off the radar.

After she woke up, the only road she could continue to walk down was the path back to school to continue her years in university.

At that thought, Ji Yi blinked gently. In the past half year, she had been waiting for an opportunity, an opportunity to make a comeback in the entertainment industry. She thought this might be her chance.

Liang Wenxin was Infinite Grace’s director. She had his contact info on her phone, but after three years, he would’ve probably forgotten about her by now. She was afraid that if she called him out of the blue, he wouldn’t even want to talk to her.

Ji Yi was deep in thought for a moment, then she flipped through her timetable and saw that she didn’t have any classes in the afternoon. She decided to take a personal trip to Director Liang’s office.

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