Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 460
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 460
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 460: An Overnight Sensation (10)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

She just didn’t have the heart to sit and watch, so she let out an “Mhm” and gently nodded at Chen Bai.

Chen Bai suddenly smiled. “Miss Ji, thank you so much.”

“Miss Ji, remember to get Mr. He to take his medicine…” Chen Bai walked over to the bedside table, took out a sheet of paper from the bag of medicine, and handed it to Ji Yi. “…Here are the dosage instructions.”

Ji Yi took it and shot a quick glance at the paper. After she scanned it quickly to ensure she understood it, she gave Chen Bai a nod. “Got it.”

“Also Miss Ji, after Mr. He wakes up, make sure he eats something…” Chen Bai was originally worried about getting Mr. He to eat something after he woke up, but now that Miss Ji was here, he didn’t need to worry at all… “The doctor said he has to eat and drink on a regular basis and that the drip is only temporary. If he doesn’t eat regularly, no matter how many times he’s put on the drip, his body will collapse.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll watch his food intake,” said Ji Yi.

With Ji Yi’s promise, Chen Bai relaxed. “Then, Miss Ji, I’ll head back to the company and get to work. If you need anything, you can call me anytime.”

Ji Yi first let out an “Mhm” then said “Alright.”

Ji Yi was walking Chen Bai out of the patient room, but before Chen Bai left, he reminded Ji Yi once more: “You must get Mr. He to eat.” Then he said goodbye to Ji Yi and left.

After Chen Bai disappeared into an elevator, Ji Yi returned to the patient room.

She first examined He Jichen’s drip. She noticed there was a lot of fluid left and his wrists weren’t bleeding, which was a good sign. Then she took the chance to give Zhang Sao a call.

Early in the morning, she ran out without saying a word and worried the hell out of Zhang Sao, so when she called, Zhang Sao cried out: “Lord!” Her worried heart finally calmed down. “Miss Ji, I’m so glad you called me. If Mr. He started asking questions after you left so suddenly, I’d be done for… Miss Ji, where are you now? I’ll call the driver to pick you up…”

“That’s okay…” Ji Yi interrupted Zhang Sao mid-sentence. Then she said with a serious voice: “…I’m with He Jichen…”

After Zhang Sao heard what Ji Yi said, her voice relaxed. “Ah, so Miss Ji, you’re with Mr. He.”

“Mhm, he’s sick and we’re at the hospital.”

“He’s sick? Is Mr. He alright?”

“He’s okay for now. I was actually calling to trouble you to make him something to eat and drop it off at the hospital later…” Ji Yi suddenly remembered she didn’t know when He Jichen was going to wake up, so she added, “…remember to keep it warm.”

“Got it, Miss Ji. I’ll get off the phone now and get cooking.”

“Mhm…” replied Ji Yi. Just as she was going to hang up, Ji Yi remembered that He Jichen hadn’t eaten well for a month, so his stomach probably couldn’t take anything overly oily or chewy. Then she added, “…Oh right, Zhang Sao. Cook some congee. He has to have light meals that are easy to digest…”

Ji Yi felt like her description wasn’t quite right, so she changed it completely. “Zhang Sao, do you know how to make baby food? Make baby food for him.”

Baby food… Over the phone, Zhang Sao hesitated for a moment but eventually replied, “Okay.”

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