Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 461
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 461
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 461: Miss, Your Take Out Has Arrived (1)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Qian Ge was clever as always. After losing the battle with Ji Yi during production for “Three Thousand Lunatics,” she was upset but she knew to restrain herself.

Half a year prior, she already had a full year’s worth of jobs lined up. Once Qian Ge finished shooting her scenes on the same day that “Three Thousand Lunatics” finished production, she got on a flight to Los Angeles without even attending the end-of-production party.

After a month-long shoot without a day of rest, she flew to Paris to attend an exhibition for an international brand and walked the red carpet.

Once it was over, she headed back to the hotel, took a shower, laid on the floor, and did some yoga. That was when she heard her assistant start to talk about how “Three Thousand Lunatics” broke records on their premiere five hours ago. There were an infinite number of positive comments online saying that the title for the Queen of TV was rightfully Qian Ge’s!

Qian Ge stretched her torso as she asked sluggishly, “What about the supporting actress?”

The assistant swiped her iPad for a long time before replying, “Nobody really mentioned her.”

After hearing this, Qian Ge’s hazy mood finally started to lighten up.

So what if Ji Yi’s acting skills are good? So what if He Jichen worked hard to land her the role as the supporting actress? Times have changed; I’m no longer the old Qian Ge, but I’m still able to steal the limelight.

The more Qian Ge thought about it, the better she felt. In the end, she started to hum.

After yoga, she noticed it was still early, so she figured she’d go out shopping with her assistant. Considering that Ji Yi hadn’t been noticed at all from her first appearance on TV, it made Qian Ge so overjoyed that she generously bought her assistant a handbag.

When women buy buy buy, they feel particularly happy. Back at the hotel, not only was Qian Ge wide awake, but she even called an attendant to send up a bottle of their best red wine.

She sat in front of the wide, tall windows and stared out at the Parisian night sky. She sampled some top-quality wine and listened to the elegant sound of the piano, enjoying this perfect night.

However, this sense of contentment didn’t last more than half an hour. The assistant, who was sitting on a nearby sofa, spoiled her mood when she saw something on Weibo. “Qian Jie, Ji Yi made it to the hot searches list!” she cried.

Qian Ge swirled her glass of red wine as though she hadn’t quite registered what her assistant said. Then she curved her red lips to let out an “Mm?”

“Ji Yi’s on the hot searches list. Loads of people are starting to notice her, and they recognize her as Princess Qing Yang. There are many people complimenting her acting skills. They say she’s beautiful, and there are even some people who dug up clips of her when she appeared on “Palace” as Little Nine for a couple minutes. The posts have been shared among many verified accounts. Someone even…”

As the assistant rambled on, Qian Ge’s face grew sullen. Eventually, the assistant was so frightened that she stopped speaking altogether.

Qian Ge furrowed her brows and her tone of voice ran cold and icy. “Even what?”

The assistant clenched her teeth and continued: “People even compared her to you, and many people are saying she’s prettier than you…”

The assistant slowly raised her eyes and shot Qian Ge a quick glance.

“Give me the iPad!” cried Qian Ge.

After Qian Ge spoke, the assistant was so frightened that she kept her head down and didn’t dare look up. The assistant didn’t move.

Qian Ge impatiently reached her hand out and snatched the iPad from her hands. She swiped the screen for a while. A second later, the iPad was tossed from her hands and smashed into the wall with a “Pop!”

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