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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 464
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 464: Miss, Your Take Out Has Arrived (4)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Ji Yi felt her body becoming increasingly stiff. To break the tension and to make things feel a little more natural, she wanted to find a topic to talk about. She thought carefully for a moment before she remembered she hadn’t said everything she wanted to say over the phone to He Jichen in the morning. She took the initiative and said, “What happened on Weibo… was that your idea?”

When he heard her words, He Jichen snapped back to reality and let out a soft “Mhm.”

“Did you deliberately wait for the day ‘Three Thousand Lunatics’ was released to announce that I was signed to YC?” Actually, she didn’t need to ask – Ji Yi knew the answer, but she was just looking for something to talk about to break the tense atmosphere.

Maybe it was because He Jichen still had a fever, but he didn’t feel well, so he didn’t really want to talk and simply replied again with an “Mhm.”

“In the afternoon, I saw that the clip of me as Little Nine on ‘Palace’ has been shared like crazy on Weibo. Did you also do this?”

Having not yet returned to his senses from the euphoria of seeing Ji Yi as soon as he woke up, it took He Jichen a short while to shake his head and reply, “No.”

It really wasn’t. There were many marketing accounts on Weibo who relied on trending topics to maintain their popularity. With Ji Yi as the number one search, it was inevitable that many people would want to follow her story. In the end, it didn’t matter if “Three Thousand Lunatics” had just been released or if “Palace” had long finished playing on TV.

He Jichen was very tight-lipped, so Ji Yi constantly tried to find a topic to talk about. It was starting to feel a little difficult for her to keep going, so she let out an “Oh” then fell silent. After some time, she added, “Thank you.”

He Jichen, who was still in disbelief over Ji Yi’s appearance, stared at her. This time, he didn’t even respond and stared calmly at her.

The room fell silent again, but the tension grew evidently more stifled.

Ji Yi felt like she couldn’t quite breathe as she surveyed the room. She noticed the glass of water on the coffee table. At the thought of He Jichen having had nothing to drink since he woke, she added, “Do you want to drink some water?”

He Jichen didn’t react.

Just when Ji Yi planned to get up and pour a glass of water for him, the door was pushed open and Zhang Sao came in with lunch boxes. “Mr. He, Miss Ji.”

Ji Yi looked like she’d just seen a savior as she let out a sigh of relief. She got up and pulled the dining table towards the bed. “Food’s here. Have some dinner.”

Zhang Sao stood at the entrance in hesitation for a moment with the lunch boxes in hand. Then she walked over, put the boxes on the table and removed the lids.

One cute kid’s meal after another entered Ji Yi and He Jichen’s line of sight.

There were pandas, rabbits, and owls to encourage He Jichen’s appetite. There were even colorful vegetables and pieces of meat. When the lunch box was opened, there was even green vegetable paste.

Mr. He was already twenty-something years old, yet Miss Ji actually asked for a kids meal… Zhang Sao was afraid He Jichen would scold her, so after she removed the lid, she quickly took a few steps away from the bed.

In contrast to Zhang Sao’s fear, Ji Yi looked calm as she picked up the paste and stirred it a little. She tasted it first to confirm that the temperature was tolerable then she shifted it towards He Jichen. “You haven’t eaten all day. Eat something first to warm your stomach.”

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