Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 467
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 467
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 467: Miss, Your Take Out Has Arrived (7)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

The grand Mr. He is actually eating a kids’ meal for supper?

The more Han Zhifan thought about the photo, the harder he laughed. He laughed until the tears in his eyes couldn’t help but pour out.

After some time, Han Zhifan settled down and rubbed his aching stomach. Just as he was about to look for his phone, he caught a glimpse of a phone from the corner of his eye, sitting in the trash can.

He Jichen noticed that Han Zhifan still hadn’t replied to his message, so he chucked his phone by his pillow.

After dinner, Zhang Sao tidied up the dinner table and left with the lunch boxes. Once again, only Ji Yi and He Jichen were left in the room.

Ji Yi remembered the doctor’s orders; half an hour after dinner, Ji Yi made sure He Jichen took his medicine. Then she pressed the button to call for a nurse to put He Jichen on a drip.

He Jichen’s fever hadn’t gone down yet, and his condition wasn’t great. The needle used to reduce his fever had sedatives in it, so he fell asleep soon after they put him on the drip.

Ji Yi was afraid that after the drip finished, blood would flow back through the tube, so she didn’t dare sleep.

Ji Yi became sleepier deeper into the night, so she went to the bathroom to splash her face with cold water. When she came back, she was still afraid she would fall asleep accidentally, so she searched her bag for earphones and listened to music to stay awake.

After listening to about three or four songs, she heard a familiar melody.

Why do I have this song on my phone?

Ji Yi was stunned for a second as she kept her head down, staring at the phone screen. As the three words “Within Your Radius” came into view, she remembered she searched for the original song online and downloaded it onto her phone when she returned to the hotel after He Jichen sang it on her birthday.

After listening to half the song, she stared at the lyrics on the phone screen then at He Jichen, who, oblivious to her, had fallen asleep.

In the patient room in the dead of the night, she was the only one awake. Her watchful gaze upon him became a lot more relaxed as she drew a lot closer to him.

Perhaps it was because he slept all day that his complexion looked a lot better than when she saw him that morning.

His eyelashes looked long and his skin was so impeccable that there wasn’t a single pore visible. His lips were very thin with a soft curve. With him so still, he actually had a hint of tenderness to him.

Ji Yi was transfixed as her gaze froze. The music playing through the earphones were clearly from the original singer, but all she could hear was He Jichen’s voice from her birthday.

She wasn’t sure just how long she stared at him when He Jichen suddenly let out a noise. In the quiet room, the sound was particularly abrupt, startling Ji Yi. That was when she realized that, oblivious to her, he had furrowed his eyebrows tightly like he was in pain, his lips trembling non-stop.

Ji Yi hurriedly removed her earphones and reached her arm out to feel He Jichen’s forehead. When she noticed it wasn’t frighteningly hot, she let out a sigh of relief.

Ji Yi hadn’t pulled her fingers back when she heard He Jichen mumble, “Don’t… Don’t leave me…”

Is He Jichen talking in his sleep?

As that thought emerged in Ji Yi’s mind, He Jichen started to talk again. “…Don’t go, don’t-don’t leave me…”

The more he spoke, the more agitated he sounded. He suddenly grabbed her hand on his forehead.

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