Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 471
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 471
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 471: Quit Dreaming About Ever Making it Some Day (1)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

In front of her was He Jichen, who was leaning against the head of the bed. Her sudden lunge forward caused her to press down the body of an unguarded He Jichen.

Ji Yi’s slender body was light, but she fell right on top of him with considerable force. He Jichen felt an intense pain on his chest as Ji Yi’s head came crashing down. He instinctively shut his eyes and drew a sharp breath of air.

The impact was reciprocal as He Jichen worked out on a regular basis, so his chest was firm and hard like a rock. The resulting blow to Ji Yi’s head almost made her burst into tears.

After about a minute, Ji Yi recovered from the pain and looked up as she reached her hand out to rub the throbbing spot on her head.

At the same time, He Jichen’s pain gradually subsided, and he slowly opened his eyes to catch Ji Yi’s gaze as she lifted her head. Their eyes happened to meet.

Ji Yi stopped rubbing her head. After about a minute, she had a delayed reaction, realizing that she was lying on top of He Jichen. Her entire body shook as she instinctively flipped over, trying to get off his body.

Because she was flustered, she forgot they were on a single bed, so her sudden flip sent her flying. Just as she felt herself falling to the ground, she realized that she was actually falling off the bed.

Sh*t! she cried on the inside as she quickly shut her eyes. However, the incoming impact she anticipated never came. Instead, a large arm was locked tightly around her waist.

Her survival instincts took over as she reached her arm out without hesitation and forcefully pulled herself up. All of sudden, she felt a warm, soft sensation upon her lips.

Ji Yi was stunned for about three seconds before she opened her eyes again.

He Jichen’s striking facial features were practically glued to her eyes.

It was like the pressure points in her body had been hit as she was stunned like that for a long time. Eventually, she gently opened her pitch-dark pupils and clearly saw her lips tightly clasped onto He Jichen’s lips.

Ji Yi didn’t quite register what she was seeing as her mind went blank for some time before she regained consciousness.

My lips are stuck onto his lips… The warmth and softness were coming from his lips… His lips…

Ji Yi suddenly understood what these thoughts meant, and her eyes suddenly widened. Then she blurted, “Yah!” and withdrew her body, pulling their lips away.

He Jichen’s body shook for a moment then there was nothing.

He looked like he was repressing something as there was a pained expression on his face.

After about half a minute, he snapped back from the accidental kiss that couldn’t quite be considered a kiss at all.

With one motion of his arm, he lifted Ji Yi’s upper body upright then withdrew his arm. He flipped over and got out of bed. Without saying a single word, he quickly entered the bathroom.

Soon enough, the sound of running water was heard from the bathroom.

He Jichen stood under the cold water for a long time before he could push down the urges brought on by Ji Yi.

When he got dressed and stepped out of the bathroom, Ji Yi was still standing in the same place she was in before he entered the bathroom.

Ji Yi turned her head when she heard the door opening and looked over at He Jichen. Her eyes lingered on He Jichen for less than a second before she averted her gaze.

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