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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 473
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 473: Quit Dreaming About Ever Making it Some Day (3)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

It was the sixth day after Ji Yi accidentally “kissed” He Jichen.

He Jichen was discharged the second day after that accidental “kiss” happened. Chen Bai came to the hotel at ten in the morning to help He Jichen go up and down the stairs for almost an hour to finish the discharge procedures.

Ji Yi didn’t really sleep the night before, so she gracefully turned down Chen Bai’s suggestion to have lunch together and headed back home.

Back at home, Ji Yi stayed indoors as usual. When He Jichen was recovering at the hospital, she was by his side for ten whole days to take care of him. She felt like things between them were equivalent to a little pebble being thrown into a lake; neither of them created a big splash. After they parted, she didn’t contact He Jichen, nor did he contact her. It was like what happened wasn’t even worth mentioning at all; it was something that was glossed over in their lives.

If it wasn’t for what happened six days ago, Ji Yi wouldn’t have known when she and He Jichen would meet next.

Following the popularity of “Three Thousand Lunatics,” Princess Qing Yang’s impression on the audience grew stronger. With the additional label of being YC’s first signed female artist, many people now knew Ji Yi. At the same time, there were some not-quite-major-nor-minor jobs that presented themselves to Ji Yi one after the other.

YC had already lined up many jobs for Ji Yi. The manager responsible for Ji Yi was called Zhuang Yi, who wasn’t too old but had worked in the industry for about ten years and managed a dozen A-list celebrities.

Zhuang Yi was smart and experienced. Among the many jobs offered to Ji Yi, Zhuang Yi carefully picked out just one endorsement in the end.

Ji Yi gained popularity, so she had to keep it up and maintain momentum. YC organized a job for Ji Yi to go on a major variety show on a satellite TV network that had been popular for almost ten years now.

The filming time for the episode was a little tight as there were just two days. On the first morning of the shooting, it wasn’t even light out, yet Zhuang Yi had already driven to Ji Yi’s front door.

The shoot was held at a movie and TV studio in the suburbs of South Beijing. By the time they arrived, it was seven in the morning.

On the journey there, Zhuang Yi gave Ji Yi breakfast, so as soon as she arrived at the broadcasting studio, she could go straight to make-up.

There was a rare kind of beauty to Ji Yi’s facial features, so the make-up artist only had to apply a simple layer of make-up for her to reach perfection. However, Zhuang Yi stood behind Ji Yi throughout it all, reminding the make-up artist to pay attention to her work in front of the mirror.

Ji Yi was the earliest on set. While she was getting her make up done, other artists filming the show with her started to show up.

Long before Ji Yi got the job, she already saw the casting list for the show. There was a hot new artist, a famous Taiwanese singer from a few years ago, and a considerably popular actor from Hong Kong who never seemed to be able to break into the A-list category.

They were the four guests on the show.

The first to arrive was the hot new artist, then the actor from Hong Kong.

At eight o’clock, the Taiwanese singer still hadn’t turned up.

It wasn’t until Ji Yi finished doing her make-up, changing her clothes, and started doing her hair that the door to the make-up room was finally pushed open.

Ji Yi thought the Taiwanese singer had finally arrived, so she instinctively turned her head to glance at the door. Before her gaze fell on the person walking through the door, she first heard someone say, “Qian Jie, please sit.”

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