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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 474
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 474: Quit Dreaming About Ever Making it Some Day (4)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Qian Jie?

Ji Yi furrowed her brows and paused for two seconds before her gaze traveled towards the door.

The first to enter her sight was Qian Ge’s assistant, who was carrying two big bags in her hands. Then Qian Ge’s personal make-up artist came into view, dragging a suitcase. Finally, Qian Ge entered in brightly colored clothes.

She wore stilettos which tapped particularly loudly as she walked around the make-up room.

The hot new artist and Qian Ge had worked together a few times, so they were quite familiar with one another. Upon seeing her appearance, the artist was the first to greet her, “Qian Jie.”

Qian Ge smiled brightly and replied, “Long time no see.” Then she averted her gaze to the actor from Hong Kong. Though the two of them had worked in the industry for many years, they only really ever acknowledged each other’s presence, so Qian Ge politely gave him a nod.

The actor from Hong Kong didn’t say anything but returned Qian Ge’s nod.

Finally, Qian Ge looked over at Ji Yi.

Neither of them spoke, but they silently glanced at one another. Qian Ge sat elegantly in front of the make-up chair that her assistant pulled out and started to sweetly describe the look she wanted to go with today to the make-up artist.

As Qian Ge spoke quietly, Ji Yi glanced over at Zhuang Yi standing behind her through the mirror.

Although they’d never really talked, Zhuang Yi knew what Ji Yi was thinking. They were both confused – the cast list clearly had the Taiwanese singer’s name on it, so why was Qian Ge here?

Zhuang Yi shook her head at Ji Yi, silently telling her that she wasn’t sure what happened either. Then she pointed at the door and stepped out.

After about ten minutes, Zhuang Yi returned to the make-up room. Ji Yi had just finished getting her make-up done. Zhuang Yi stood by the side for a while, waiting for the make-up artist to finish up. That was when she walked over to Ji Yi, lowered her head and whispered into Ji Yi’s ear, “I just went to ask someone responsible for the show. They said something happened to the Taiwanese singer, so she couldn’t make it at the last minute. They only contacted Qian Ge last night to save today’s shoot, so there wasn’t enough time to tell the rest of us.”

Though Ji Yi didn’t quite believe the excuse, the staff’s explanation was logical. What’s more, this show was a very important job for her. She couldn’t give it up just because the eyesore – Qian Ge – was present, so all she could do was remind herself to be careful.

They were originally planned to start shooting at ten, but Qian Ge arrived late. Her make-up was only finished at ten, and her place in the entertainment industry was immeasurable, so everyone was particularly nice to her on set. Nobody dared to rush her, so Ji Yi and the other two male artists waited for almost forty minutes before all four of them entered the studio.

After listening to the director’s overview, filming officially started at eleven.

They already finished filming the opening dance for the show and revealed the host while the four guests were in make-up, so they started off shooting the four of them on stage.

The show director filmed them once from afar and up close, but since they were already behind schedule, they didn’t give everyone a break after they appeared on stage. Instead, they went straight to the self-introduction segment.

The actor from Hong Kong started his career earliest out of all of them. Although he wasn’t as famous as Qian Ge, he was considered her senior, so the host called his name first to give a self-introduction.

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