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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 476
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 476: Quit Dreaming About Ever Making it Some Day (6)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

The fourth song was the song that made the male presenter famous. Just as the music started, he raised his hand.

Qian Ge’s team finally got a point.

The fifth song was a song Ji Yi always really liked. She beat them all to raise her hand first.

The sixth song wasn’t a famous song, so the six people on stage were a little bewildered. In the end, the female host cried “pass,” and they played the seventh song.

When Ji Yi had nothing to do, she liked to listen to music. Although the female presenter got her fame from being a presenter, she also dabbled in TV dramas and music too. On top of it all, the hot new artist entered showbiz as a singer, so if Ji Yi couldn’t remember the song, the hot new artist would get the song. If either of them was stuck, the female presenter took home the point. After a while, the team scores were ten to one.

Even though it was just a show and winning or losing didn’t really matter, the comparison of scores looked bad. Everyone was in the same industry, so everybody wanted to keep the peace. When the thirteenth song played, Ji Yi’s team knew well to pretend they couldn’t recognize the song and give Qian Ge’s team a chance.

The actor from Hong Kong wasn’t familiar with the music, but even he managed to sing the song when he heard it.

There were only two songs left. Nobody on Ji Yi’s team sang again, so the male presenter sang another. The final song turned out to be a song everyone knew – it was the birthday song. From the very beginning of the game until now, Qian Ge was the only one who hadn’t sung, so when nobody on Ji Yi’s team raised their hands, the male presenter and actor from Hong Kong mutually knew to give the song to Qian Ge.

In actuality, Qian Ge knew deep down that the most important thing about this game show was the reactions and not the score. However, because she was facing Ji Yi, her accumulated rage grew fiercer as she watched Ji Yi’s score increasing after the KTV section of the show began.

Now that everyone was giving her such a simple song, Qian Ge knew they had good intentions, but she saw this as mockery.

Yet she couldn’t refuse it, so she raised the mic. Before she sang, she incidentally swept a glance at Ji Yi from the corner of her eye. Ji Yi sensed Qian Ge’s gaze and didn’t look back at her. Instead, she curved the corners of her lips into a smile and swayed elegantly to the tempo of the music.

The sight of Ji Yi’s naturally relaxed-self fell into Qian Ge’s eyes, annoying her to the extreme. When it was time for her to sing, she actually forgot and when she snapped back to her senses with some difficulty, she actually sang off-key for such a simple song like the birthday song.

Because they were recording, the director let Qian Ge sing the song again.

The moment Qian Ge sang off-key, she realized she was embarrassing herself. She quickly fixed her pitch and followed the music from the beginning.

This time, she sang without any problems, but Qian Ge felt completely embarrassed as quite a few audience members saw what happened earlier.

It was lunchtime after the “Live KTV” recording was over. At two in the afternoon, they were going to record “The Big Classroom Contest.”

This time, one person played on behalf of the team and there were six half-meter tall desks on the stage with a seat for each person. Ji Yi was selected as the player, assigned to sit beside Qian Ge.

“The Big Classroom Contest” asked all sorts of questions. Luckily, Ji Yi was still in school and remembered many things. She got first place in this game without exerting any effort.

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