Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 477
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 477
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 477: Quit Dreaming About Ever Making it Some Day (7)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Ji Yi, who was nicknamed the “bookworm,” needed to get up to collect her prize. With the director’s signal, she got up. Then under the eyes of the other three celebrities, the presenters, and the live audience, Ji Yi turned around to walk over to the platform. When her right leg took a step, she felt something hard and round from under her heel.

The stage floor was already slippery, so since Ji Yi was wearing heels, she didn’t have time to guess what was underneath her feet. The object was round, so her body rolled forward. With a “dong!” Ji Yi fell hard on the platform and laid sprawled on the stage under everyone’s eyes.

The accident happened far too unexpectedly as nobody on set reacted.

Besides the celebratory music, there were no other sounds in the entire studio.

After about ten seconds, the female presenter was the first to snap back to reality. “Ji Yi, are you okay?”

The female celebrity didn’t turn off her microphone as her voice traveled around each corner of the studio. Following this, the people on set started to realize what happened one after the other.

The three actors on stage and the two presenters were closest to Ji Yi. Everyone jumped down onto the stage and surrounded Ji Yi.

“Ji Yi, are you alright?”

“Are you injured somewhere?”

“Can you still stand up?”

Amidst everyone’s caring words, Qian Ge’s gaze wasn’t focused on Ji Yi like everyone else, but she scanned the stage to see the scattered pearls around Ji Yi. She went over to her and pretended to care for her, but when no one was looking, she started to pick up the pearls.

Soon after, the director, Zhuang Yi, and other staff members rushed to the stage.

“What’s the situation?” The second after the director asked this, they saw Ji Yi’s right ankle was shockingly red and swollen. He suddenly cried, “Did you twist your ankle? Quickly take her to the hospital and check if she hurt any muscles or bones!”

Just as the director finished speaking, the actor from Hong Kong said, “I’ll go.”

As he said this, he bent over and hastily carried Ji Yi down the stage.

Zhuang Yi quickly rushed over.

Outside the studio, Zhuang Yi immediately reached for her car keys. After they found her car, she quickly rushed over to the front of the car and pulled the door open.

After the Hong Kong actor lifted Ji Yi into the car, Zhuang Yi shut the door and got in.

Ji Yi was in so much pain that she was pale white. She leaned back in the car seat, chattered her teeth, and couldn’t say a thing.

Zhuang Yi repeated, “Hold on! Hold on! We’ll reach the hospital real soon!” Then she stepped on the gas and left the studio.

They were in the suburbs, so even if Zhuang Yi drove fast, it would still take half an hour to reach the nearest hospital in the city.

The actor from Hong Kong stayed with her all the way. After the car stopped, he picked up Ji Yi again. With Zhuang Yi taking the lead, he signed Ji Yi into the emergency unit and brought her to a doctor.

The most painful the moment when Ji Yi tripped wasn’t when her knee first touched the ground but when her ankle got twisted.

Earlier in the year, she twisted her ankle when she was in Lijiang, so she was familiar with this pain. However, this time, the pain felt infinitely sharper. It hurt so much that she was sprawled on the ground and couldn’t breathe.

That kind of pain scared her. She was afraid that she had injured her bones or muscles.

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