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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 478
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 478: Quit Dreaming About Ever Making it Some Day (8)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

She had recently got some fame in the show business with some difficulty, but this incident would now make her lose all the company-assigned job and all potential jobs would be given to other artists.

But sometimes, the more you’re afraid of something, the more likely it will happen.

The doctor first took an x-ray of Ji Yi. After about an hour, the doctor looked over the scans. With just one glance, the doctor told Ji Yi that she sprained her ankle and needed a cast.

While they were taking care of Ji Yi’s injury, Zhuang Yi first saw the Hong Kong actor out of the hospital. When she returned, Ji Yi still hadn’t come out from the doctor’s office, so Zhuang Yi leaned against the wall opposite the door.

When she lifted her head, she saw Ji Yi through the window and realized she still hadn’t told what happened to Ji Yi during the recording of the show to the company.

After Zhuang Yi pulled out her phone, she searched for He Jichen’s number.

When he arranged for her to be Ji Yi’s manager, he specifically stressed that she should report everything about Ji Yi directly to him.

After she made the call, it rang a few times before it got picked up.

Zhuang Yi instinctively straightened up and was just about to say “Mr. He” when she heard Chen Bai’s voice over the phone: “Zhuang Yi, is this something urgent? Mr. He is in a meeting right now…”

Zhuang Yi swallowed her words and after a couple of seconds, she said, “It’s Ji Yi. She was in an accident.”

“Miss Ji?” Chen Bai raised his voice by half a decibel. “What happened to Miss Ji?”

“During the filming for the variety show, she fell from the platform and twisted her leg…” Zhuang Yi explained what happened in full detail to Chen Bai over the phone.

Even though He Jichen picked up some work during the last week of his hospital stay, he still had a ton of work to do.

On the fourth day after he was discharged, he flew to America on a business trip.

He gave Chen Bai his phone for safekeeping during the trip.

He Jichen had a meeting all-night-long and it was half past five in the afternoon in America when Chen Bai got Zhuang Yi’s call.

The conference didn’t end until six forty-seven when it was completely bright outside.

He Jichen just closed his laptop when Chen Bai hurriedly rushed in.

Someone happened to walk up to He Jichen to talk to him, so he shared a few polite words with him. After their conversation, Chen Bai immediately whispered in He Jichen’s ear: “Mr. He, I just got a call from Miss Ji’s manager, Zhuang Yi…”

He Jichen abruptly stopped tidying his desk full of documents as a horrible feeling started to enter his heart. Yet he didn’t say a word.

“Over the phone, Zhuang Yi said Miss Ji accidentally fell from the stage during her recording and twisted her ankle.” With a pause, Chen Bai tried to remember what Zhuang Yi said before she hung up. “But today was strange. A Taiwanese actress was meant to be on set today, but for some reason, it turned out to be Qian Ge. The show explained that at the last minute, something urgent came up for the Taiwanese actress, so she couldn’t make it.” Then he added, “Also, Mr. He, the female celebrity Miss Ji recorded the show with today was Qian Ge.”

He Jichen’s brows were raised. He looked like he suddenly understood something. The next second, his voice sounded frigid: “Book a ticket. I want the earliest flight out.”

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