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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 48
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 48: Somewhere in Plain Sight (8)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Ji Yi once thought of Qian Ge as the most important friend in her life, but Qian Ge never reciprocated the feeling. As things changed over the years, so did their strong, supposedly everlasting friendship.

When she was young, she and Qian Ge had the same dream to be a star.

However, Qian Ge was luckier than she was, yet also unluckier in other ways.

What’s lucky was that Qian Ge first went on TV at the age of six and was crowned as a “child actor”.

What’s unlucky was that although Qian Ge clearly had a good start, she never made it big.

She and Qian Ge made a pact when they were in senior high: if there came a day when either of them made it big, neither one would leave the other behind.

She remembered their pact well, so four years ago, she used her nationwide fame from Infinite Grace and The Queens to recommend Qian Ge to the director, which helped Qian Ge land the role of supporting female.

Not every supporting actress was lucky enough to become popular. After The Queens became popular, everyone remembered Ji Yi and didn’t pay attention to Qian Ge.

She knew she was upset, and she even tried to comfort her. When she took on commercials, she always recommended Qian Ge to investors. Of course, while she took on new projects, she never forgot to help her friend get roles. When she obtained an office, she even let Qian Ge be one of her partners.

She hadn’t changed, so she thought Qian Ge hadn’t either. However, she wasn’t Qian Ge, and she didn’t understand how it psychologically affected Qian Ge to be the weaker of the two after having such a strong start.

When she got into the accident, she hadn’t suspected Qian Ge in the slightest; she assumed that the accident was simply because of drunk driving. It wasn’t until half a year after she woke up that she realized that her office had become Qian Ge’s, and Xie Siyao, who stole the supporting actress role on The Queens, was now one of her partners. Then she realized that the drunk driver three years ago was one of Xie Siyao’s boyfriends. She connected that with the fact that the only person who knew about her accident was Qian Ge, and she was meant to be in the car with her that night on her way back to B-film. However, Qian Ge found an excuse to get out of the car en route just before the accident happened…

That’s when she realized her car accident was no ordinary accident. It was jointly planned by Qian Ge and Xie Siyao.

When she found out the truth, three long years had passed, so there was no way to investigate it.

Her unexpected accident happened at the beginning of filming the drama, when Qian Ge landed the role as the supporting actress. After the accident, Qian Ge’s role was given to Xie Siyao to play.

Ji Yi had personally chosen the script, as the topics were fresh and original, and the storylines were sufficient. Just as she predicted, that drama blew up as soon as it aired, enabling Qian Ge, who made her first public appearance at six years old and had fourteen whole years of experience, to finally make it.

From then on, Qian Ge had been doing exceedingly well in the entertainment industry. In three short years, she became an A-lister in the entertainment industry.

Not only that, but Qian Ge stole her office, which was put on the market in the beginning of the year for an estimated four billion in value.

And as for Ji Yi, who Qian Ge trampled on?

The glory she had before was gone. The office she established from scratch was gone, all the people she studied university with had graduated, and she was forced to finish her studies at B-film alone.

For Ji Yi, who had thought back to all of this in an instant, stared at Qian Ge with a dark expression in her eyes.

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